I hate monday  

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12/19/2005 5:59 am
I hate monday

Mood today, is yucky, sluggish, blah......As I am sitting here typing this, I am wondering to myself..."what the hell are you doing up this early in the morning?" I have no child to shuttle to school, she is out for break. Currently down at my nieces house. The kids DVD slide show, is finally burning, my best friend from Denver won't be over until later today, my son is at his place tucked into his bed all warm and cozy..I know him..I know what he is doing Sprky is safely in Aspen, starting his work day

Yet, I woke up to it snowing, the radio is saying that the roads from Debque to Fruita are a parking lot, due to accidents. All I can say is...what is the problem here..do these people not know how to slwo down and drive for conditions? Is it becuase they think that because they have 4 wheel drive they can still drive their usual 80 mph? I am soooooo thankful that I am a stay at home mom, and don't have to drive that stretch of I-70 anymore.

On top of the snow and wondering what in the hell am i doing up, I have one of my famous migraines this morning Oh how I hate these stupid things, totally through my entire day out of whack. I will not let this one, like all others, slow me down.

I will go and check each and everyone of my favorite blogs, leave a little "hi" in each one of them. Check my groups, and then get started on my mother n laws DVD.

Its going to be a slow day for me, which sucks I have so much to do...ughhhhhh

please be safe,

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