About swinging part one  

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1/1/2006 3:51 pm
About swinging part one

Ok what I am getting ready to post, I have permission from this wonderful couple who posted this on their group. They spent alot of time on this. I will be posting several articles regarding this.

These are things that Sprky and I have been saying for years and was basically looked at like we were crazy. I thank werethecouple1 for taking the time to post all the articles about this and for giving me the opportunity to get this out.

So pay attention, and read, these are some very good rules for a great time

We found this on the internet and thought we would pass it along.

About Swinging:

Swinging is usually defined as recreational sex with someone other than your mate, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. It is not your average, traditional dating experience. It usually occurs between two couples or between a couple and a single female.

About Swingers:

Anyone you know could be a Swinger. The come from all walks of life, all religions, all social classes, however the majority are Caucasian and are middle to upper class married couples. It is difficult to find a single woman who swings. They are out there, but it takes a lot of work to find them!

About Couples who Swing:

Swinging allows couples to enhance their relationship with each other, it can bring on a better understanding between them. Love and intimacy can be brought to a new height between couples who swing.

About Women who Swing:

Women who swing are few and far between, even though their numbers have increased the past 10 years. Swinging can provide entertainment and direction to the single woman, and many find that “lasting” relationship they have been searching for.

About Men who Swing:

There are genuine men swingers out there who may have had a past relationship with a swinging partner. They may be interested in finding another partner to swing with, or they may just be unhappy in their current relationship. Some men want to swing, but just can’t imagine their partner with another person. This is not unusual. There are single men, just like single women, who long to find that the personal growth that can come with this kind of experience.

Because the term "Swinging" is often misunderstood many men, there is sometimes an excess of single men who not really “swinging”, as it is understood by those in the Lifestyle, out looking for partners. They are instead looking to find other women to engage in sexual activity. Some may have received permission from their spouse to “fool around”...and some, unfortunately, may do it with out permission.

About Sex & Swinging:

The actual sexual activity of swinging can be varied. It is much like that of a traditional relationship, with oral sex being very popular. Bisexual swinging is more common among women than among men. Keep in mind; swingers are people, just like you and me. Sex is the same with them as with anyone else. Tastes vary from person to person, and from couple to couple.

General Swinging Etiquette:

Now that we have all of that straight, lets get into the discussion about etiquette. First priority should be to contact the host and/or hostess. Find out what kind of party you will be attending. It could be held by a local organization, a bar/disco, a lifestyle association, or held by a private couple in their home.

An On-Premise party is where you will find rooms/space for sexual activity. These kinds of parties usually take place in a private home and are usually for mainly couples, and by invitation only.

Off-Premise parties usually take place in hotels, clubs, and similar settings. The main purpose for this kind of party is to interact and meet people. Sexual intercourse at an event like is this rare (not that it couldn’t happen) and most interested people will exchange phone numbers for a later date, or leave the event with the other interested people to have sex in a different location, such as a hotel room.

What to know before you go:

Usually the host/hostess will fill in any details as to specific rules at the party you will be attending during the initial meeting. Maybe there is a “theme” and costumes are required. Maybe there is no alcohol allowed. You must be informed of these rules to avoid embarrassing situations that might spoil the evening.

Cameras and Camera phones

With this age of technology, it is not cool to take photos of anyone at a party unless you ask first. I have found that it is best to NOT even go there. Leave with your memories stored in your brain and not on your camera or phone. It is always best to ask the host/hostess if you are allowed to bring these to the party. I have personally came across this situation and was very uncomfortable with it. We have no idea what you are going to be doing with these photos, so please if you feel the need to relive your party memory on your camera or phone instead of in your thoughts and memory. GET PERMISSION FIRST FROM EVERYONE! Remember NO means NO.

hugs and smiles
lets make 2006 a year of FUN parties

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