The Good, The Bad, and The MARRIED  

rm_Bastetsmuse 54F
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3/16/2006 4:59 pm
The Good, The Bad, and The MARRIED

No, this entry into my blog isn't a judgment on married folk wandering on their spouses -- it's not for ME to judge someone else's moral choices.

HOWEVER, having said that, someone please enlighten me why so many married men have responded to my divorced and therefore single woman profile and insist on treating me as some sort of free call girl. No, I am NOT available 24/7. I work for a living. No, I WILL NOT let you into my home with my young daughter sleeping and fuck your brains out (IF you have any, and with you asking that I have my doubts). Also, it's next to impossible for me to get your call and be ready to spread my legs less than an hour later because the wife has gone shopping!

This is Nevada -- if you need/want that kind of responsiveness, hire a hooker. It's LEGAL, here.

I'm hornier than most women I know, but I'm not stupid. I also won't screw just anybody, anytime. If you're married, give me a reason OTHER than "you'll have a good time, babee" for me to spend my precious time with you. Why? Because the single dudes are HOT, and the couples are HONEST.

Think about it.

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