Story 2...Hockey Game  

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6/29/2006 7:16 pm

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Story 2...Hockey Game

Today was game 6 of the Stanley cup. Lightning against the Ducks. It had been 4 years since Lightning had gotten this far. It was a good game and we ate and drank way to much while yelling at the players. Lightning won the cup! In an act of crazed celebration I danced around the apartment with a song of something about loving hockey and the men that play it. I ended up in the kitchen yelling at you about how great the game was and didn't you like the game and wasn't it great that Lightning won and wasn't it great we got to watch it together. I was definitely tipsy. You walked from the couch to the kitchen and lean down and kiss me. Soft and tender but a kiss with a purpose.

M - "What was that for?"
N - "Because you are getting to loud and it is one way I know to make you calm down."
M - "Are there other ways?" (I turn on the purr factor...slightly leaning into you, pushing all the soft parts against you. I love knowing how to make you respond.)

You turn me around and bend me forward gently, moving my hair from my neck. Kissing the back of my neck and grinding your hips against my ass. I can feel your dick through our jeans. My mouth waters and my pussy is throbbing. I know I am wet. I meet your grinds and your hands glide around the front of my waist and down to my crotch. Holding and squeezing.

I lift my jersey over my head and reveal a black satin bra. Simple and plain in design but holding my breasts in the most seductive way. I turn around to face you, hoping you will enjoy the view. Your cheeks are flushed. I kiss them both. I reach and lift your shirt off. Kissing your shoulders, kissing your arms, your hands, your belly...I fumble a bit with your pants but manage to get them unzipped and half way down your legs. I kneel down before you, glancing up at the smile I see. You knew Lightning winning would be a good thing. The time for timidness isn't now. I take your entire dick in my mouth, sucking and tasting all of you. The mixture of your natural scent is delicious. My right hand is on your balls, holding and caressing. How I love sucking your dick! My mouth is warm over your flesh. Sliding up and down. The shaft of your penis is wetter and wetter. Because I can't wait my turn, I begin fingering myself. You can't see but you know by the intensity of the blow job, I must be doing well for myself. You hold onto the counter top as the feeling builds.

I begin alternating with my hand and mouth, slippery, wet and working your dick into an orgasm. I look up from my kneeling position and say, "I want you to cum on my face." And because I know you want to please me, I continue to lick and suck. You only allow me another moment before forcing me to stand. "I will but not yet. I have a few other things in mind."

While you are nuzzling at my neck, I slide out of my jeans and let my undies go with are pleasantly surprised to see me in thigh high black hose, no undies and the simple black satin bra. It occurs to you that I had been planning this all along. You grin as you kiss my shoulders.

Taking my face in your hands, we kiss, lips touching, opening...our tongues moving. You slow push me towards the kitchen table, pressing yourself into me. I put my hands behind me as we gently bump into the low table and you gently lift me onto the it. It is the perfect height for us to kiss face to face. I scoot to the edge and wrap my legs around your waist. You can feel the sheerness of the hosiery against your upper thighs, my feet resting gently on your reach down to feel the lacy top of the stocking and give it a little snap against my skin.

I whisper, "It's not NHL approved gear."

You laugh and cup my ass as your dick enters my warm wet pussy. I lean back to allow full penetration, the table top is hard and cool to the touch but it doesn't distract me from enjoying this. Your rhythm quickens and I meet every thrust with my own internal squeezes. I can feel every inch of you and the sensation is incredible. I reach down to rub my clit and with a few circles am having a powerful orgasm. I call out your name and then bite my bottom lip while moaning with pleasure. Your continued to drive your dick in and it brings on another orgasm, stronger than the one before and my moans become screams of pleasure. You can feel my muscles clenching as the climax continues. My muscles have lost control and I find it hard to continue holding my legs slowly pull out and let me sit up. My legs are jelly.

I hop down though because I am not a selfish girl and one of us still has a fortune cookie to be had! I drag you to the bedroom. I lay down on the bed, exhausted but happy. The alcohol is affecting my ability to continue along with the fact that I had three orgasms. I tell you that you will have to stand over me and masturbate. I can smell my scent all over you and I can't help but find that erotic. I lay beneath your standing figure and watch you. To see your technique and to see what you like to do for yourself. I am making mental notes of your hand positioning and strokes for my own use, on you. I am in awe of the male ability to masturbate so easily. I let my mind drift and wonder what it was like for you the first time you discovered this pleasure. I can see that you are close to cuming and I let my hands grope my own body to add a bit of fun for you. My finger slips in and out of my pussy. Driving you wild, you begin to cum, it lands on my upper breast, then you allow it to drip onto my chin, my cheeks, my lips. I stick out my tongue to catch a bit...Mmmm

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