My first story...Movie Nite  

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6/26/2006 8:43 am

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My first story...Movie Nite

There are plates from dinner in the sink. An empty beer bottle in the trash and a soda going flat on the kitchen counter.

You have put in a we have seen a million times, but I don't care. I sit cross-legged on the couch with a quilt and in my cotton pj's waiting for you to settle down and sit down beside me. As soon as you sit down I give you a million kisses. Your checks, your eyes, your nose, top of your head, your ears, your neck...light fluttery quick kisses. I want to see you smile.

As the opening starts to the movie, I move the quilt to the side and straddle your lap. I tell you that we are not going to watch this movie. You are about to become preoccupied with some other stuff. As I say this, my hips push down towards you, making you feel the warmth between our clothes. I bite my lip as I let out a soft moan. Your hands reach around and cup my ass, drawing me in towards you, grinding and moving together...I give you a long kiss with our lips parted and tongues dancing. I run my tongue over your lips and give you a light bite on your lower lip. Your hands have now moved to my lower back, massaging as they slide up and down the thin fabric of my cotton shirt. You notice there is something underneath...

I lean back slightly and lift my shirt over my head to reveal the sheer black teddy with lacing up the front...I have left the lacing loose allowing the cleavage of my breasts to spill out. I can feel as I keep grinding that you approve of this...

I won't allow your hands to touch my I take each hand in my own and we kiss. Deep passionate warm kisses. Our tongues moving together. I know that you can overpower me, but you let me tease you...

Our kissing stops, I stand and shimmy out of the pj bottoms. You try to touch, but I won't let you, I straddle your lap again, this time I take your hand and guide it down...our hands moving together to find my pussy waiting, wanting, warm...and oh so wet. My hand over yours as your fingers discover and touch. I gently guide you to some of my favorite spots. My moans are soft and in your ear...

My right hand moves to your pants. I can tell you are very pleased! It makes me smile and even a small giggle escapes. I whisper in your ear, "Isn't this better than the movie?" Then I slip my hand beyond your waist band and find you warm, inviting and rock hard.

I gently but forceable pull your hand away from my clit - although I was close and wanting it...I want to taste you more. I ask you to stand. It is your turn to shed some clothes. We embrace standing for a moment, kissing long and hard, you try to move me down onto the couch. I resist. "No there is something I must do." I make you sit on the couch again.

I kneel down in front of you. I kiss your knees to make you smile. I kiss your inner thigh...working my way up. I go in to tease your balls with my tongue. Soft, probing, warm and wet. I lick my hand (tasting a bit of myself and that excites me even more) and do slow stokes up and down your dick. I suck and lick at your balls, my hand moves faster. I love your balls. I am never going to stop...but then I need to feel your dick in my mouth. It has been my goal since our first kiss. I kiss the head. Enjoy the view. At this moment the only thing in the world is your dick and my mouth. My tongue and mouth move over you like a dream. I can tell you are close, but I won't let you cum this way.

I stand and smile...I tell you that it is your turn.

As I stand before you, you notice one of the straps of my teddy have fallen off my shoulder, my breast almost fully hair is tousled, dark and rich in color...You can tell by the look in my eyes that I am expecting a grand performance.

You say we should go to the bedroom, I may be more comfortable there...
Your tongue brings me to such heights, I am moaning asking for more - the neighbors know what are we doing...they know every evening and think we should have better manners or at least leave the windows closed.

You let me rest for a moment, with your head laying on my thigh. I tousle your hair, telling you how wonderful you are and that this is the way life was suppose to be.

Then you slide up my body, kissing my belly, kissing each breast, spending a bit of time there with that flickering tongue. You kiss my forehead and I can feel your dick pressing against my skin...I wiggle my hips to open up for you...wrapping my legs around you. I want to fully embrace. My heart and my body draws you in. You enter slowly, I can feel everything.

We move together, I feel your arms, your shoulders - strong and safe. My hands can't stop, I must feel every part of you. I reach down and push on your lower back - letting you know I want more. My heals are on your ass, pulling you in...You thurst harder and my moans are overwhelming. I reach down and begin to rub my clit...I want to climax together. Your pushing and thrusting is telling me the end is close for you...I can't hold orgasm ripples through my whole body. My pussy is squeezing as the orgasm continues. You know that I will contiue. You cum suddenly, mixing our juices together and filling me with you.

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8/28/2006 6:58 pm

Rock on with your bad self

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5/13/2007 10:26 am

I would love to be part of that story!


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