It's 3am  

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7/28/2006 1:23 am

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It's 3am

So.. How are you? I'm great, Know why? I just had a date, With a AdultFriendFinder memeber. My first one.
Let me tell you, He was fantastic. From the moment he walked in the door to the last little ass smack.
So nice, Very sexy, Great kisser.
He does that thing where he pulls on your lip.. That drives me crazy.
We went out and had a couple drinks with some friends of mine, He is such a good sport. I'll never be able to say I'm sorry enough for the things he saw/went through tonight.
Here's a kicker, Something I've always wanted to do, or have done to me.. and it happend tonight.
Have you ever had that little day dream that your spouse or lover would just come up to you, pin you against the wall and kiss you with so much passion you could just die?
That happend.
I've never felt as sexy as I do right now, I've never felt so... You know.
I'm not used to having this kind of attention, let's just hope I can keep his.
I hope we see each other again. I don't doubt we will.
Interesting fact.. I already know his middle name. Took one night instead of 7 months. That's a nice feeling.

I'm so tired, and I should go to sleep but I don't think I'd sleep.. My mind is running a million miles a minute.

k1ss1000 47M/36F

7/28/2006 2:02 am

congratulations, im jealous! keep up the "hot and horny"! xx

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