Stuck Idea  

rm_Ballboy2677 40M
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9/6/2006 2:12 am
Stuck Idea

I've been thinking about different kinds of sex and different way of having it! I'm going to share this with everyone but i want to know who would be willing to try it!? I want to make some clothing out of velcro. Sound stupid? Well hear me out! It's a crotchless suit and since Velcro comes in two parts put the other part on the wall above the bed. Now any one who gets an ABC lesson from me while they may be trying to climb the wall they will only go so far before they get stuck! When this happens I'll take their legs and stick their knees on the wall right there on both sides of their head. Like this I'm in total control so get ready to cause by the time i'm done with you girl you might just want to keep me around at least till lunch and since you're already stuck to the wall in this manner I'll be having the all you can eat buffet and i never get full so you may be there a while

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