Miles high to LA-y-X  

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8/12/2005 8:29 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Miles high to LA-y-X

I had to fly to Los Angeles to meet with some filmmakers last week, as they wanted to talk about a product placement deal for sex toys in porn films.

Now I am not a good flyer, I don't like taking off, but after that, I'm fine. And watching the pilot of LOST the other day didn't help.

Still, with a bag of samples and a club class ticket, off I went to Heathrow.

Customs was fun, x-rays, searches, security alerts over certain alecronic items.

Finally I was through and in the departure lounge. It was there that I saw her.
She was reading a paperback and idly playing with a lock of her long, dark tresses. I sat across from her and busied myself with my own book, yet another Dan Brown, surpise surpise.
I tried to read, but, I couldn't help stealing glances at this gorgeous woman across from me.
She was voluptuous, just my type, with an outfit that flattered and revealed her ample charms without looking cheap. I watched her as she read, fearful that she might catch me looking, yet hoping she would. But she was too engrossed in her book, biting her lower lip as she read a particularly gripping part. I took the opportunity to check out the rest of her and found myself aroused by her fantasic cleavage as it rose and fell before me. Either the book was VERY thrilling or the airconditoning was on super-chill, as I was delighted to see the hint of an erect nipple under the fabric of her top.
I sure hoped she was in club class with me.

As the call came for us to board, she looked up and around for the first time and clocked me looking at her. for a moment, the sun shone as she smiled at me in acknowledgement. As she stood, she made an elaborate show of bending forward to pick up her bag, allowing me to drink in her fulsome loveliness. As she turned to go to the boarding gate, I saw a wry smile play about her lips. I followed her on board watching the way she flicked her hair and wiggled her hips when she walked. She was so curvy and tasty looking. I was already imagining what it would be like to have her legs round my neck and her juicy pussy in my mouth.

anglealeee 43F

8/14/2005 9:47 pm

WOW was this happening the same time I was there in the airport....??? I had a simular airport story LOL....

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