Miles High to Lay-X part 2  

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8/21/2005 3:52 pm

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Miles High to Lay-X part 2

As we boarded, I watched as my mystery lady took her seat in the club class section. Her seat was behind mine and I was pleasantly suprised to see that we were the only club class passengers.

All through the safety instructions and take off, all I could think of was the raven temptress just feet away from me. I could have sworn I could feel her watching me, but didn't want to make an obvious show of looking round. At one point I waited until a flight attendant had gone past so that I could turn round to ask for something or other. Sure enough, there she was, gazing at me through her lustrous eyelashes, her gorgeous lips slightly parted in a soft smile.
She shifted in her seat and somehow, as if by magic, her cleavage was much more pronounced, I could see a lot more of her shapely legs and her eyes sparkled with lustful intent that had not been there before.

I turned away, red faced and highly aroused, my cock straining at my trousers under the safety belt. Before I could think of a line or an excuse to use to talk to her, she suddenly got up and came over to me.
"Mind if I sit next to you?" she chimed in an adorable American accent that sounded like cinnamon-laced honey.
"I'm a terrible flyer," she said by way of an explanation "oh, don't get up, I'm fine like this" as she squeezed closely over me to get to the seat next to me. As she did so, her sweet butt brushed over the taut fabric of my crotch, eliciting a groan from me and a giggle from her.
"Thanks," she murmured as she sank into the seat next to me, "I really didn't want to fly alone".

The object of my desires turned out to be Angel from Los Angeles, an author who had been on a book tour across Europe and was returning home for a well-earned rest.
I ordered some drinks for both of us and we chatted about our destinations and what we'd been doing in London, all the while I drank in her loveliness and tried to keep my thoughts away from the rampant sex I wanted to have with her there and then.

As the flight got further over the Atlantic, we hit some turbulence. As the plane lurched, she grabbed my hand and held it tightly, her ample breasts rsising and falling rapidly as she fought to keep calm.
Eventually the turbulence subsided, but Angel didn't let go of my hand. Instead, she leant over and kissed me, her tongue darting between my lips as her other hand came to rest on my bulging cock as it strained in my trousers.

Our tongues entwined, my hands travelled over her gorgeous curves and the pressure became too much to bear. Just as Angel was about to unzip my fly, the attendant sashayed down the aisle and coughed loudly enough to stop our passionate grappling.
"Would you like anything to eat?" he chirped.
"Tell you what mate," I said, quickly getting up and taking him to one side. "Here's a handsome tip, you can take a good hour off, we're going to be fine for a while, probably going to have a little sleep, if that's alright, long journey and all that." I pressed a wad of notes into his breat pocket. I had no idea how much it was, I was past caring at that point, the woman in teh seat next to me was driving me insane with lust and I simply had to have her.

anglealeee 43F

8/22/2005 1:05 pm

OH my god ...I absolutly loved every word of it !!! you are an incrediable and captivating writer... your story seemed so real , you never know who you might meet on your next flight to the USA...
Thank you...

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