Miles Hig to Lay-X Part 5 - Final Destination  

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Miles Hig to Lay-X Part 5 - Final Destination

Angel lay back and spread her thighs wide apart, her ankles resting against the headrests either side. She slid a finger into her lovely wet pussy, drew it out again and languorously circled her swollen clit with her juice-soaked didgit before extending it toward my eager mouth. I sucked the sweet nectar from her finger and then took both her hands and put them back down between her legs.
“Open up to me baby” I commanded, stroking more of her juices into my swollen tool.
She pulled her gorgeous shiny pink pussy lips apart and I gently pushed the head of my cock against her, rubbing it slowly up and down over her clit and pussy mouth and back again. I made sure my weapon was good and covered with her love juice before I slowly entered her, inch by inch.
Angel threw her head back and her mouth formed a big round ‘O’ as a low, guttural moan escaped her as my cock slid all the way inside her.
“Oh fuck yeah!” she gasped as I began to thrust slowly but surely, deeper into her delicious, swollen pussy.
Pushing her legs back, I grabbed her ankles and really bore down on her, my cock going balls-deep and making noticeable wet squelching noises as we fucked.
Every other three or four thrusts, I would stay all the way in her, grinding myself against her clit and throbbing inside her, relishing the feeling of her pussy walls clutching me as she began to cum. Her moans were getting louder and louder and she had to grab a nearby complimentary pillow to stifle the howl of ecstasy that burst from her lips.
Her whole body went rigid and I felt her pussy clutch me like a vice as she came. Her legs trembling, she had to push me off her as she took a moment to let the storm within her calm down.
After a while she opened her eyes and looked at me, smiling ruefully and shaking her head. “I think we’d better try another position honey” she laughed, “Lets see how you handle a genuine cowgirl!”
“Are there many ranches in Los Angeles then?” I asked cheekily.
“Hey!” she grinned “I’ve tamed my fair share of wild bulls in my time, now siddown!”
Without further ado, she gave my member a good deep throating to make sure it was good and wet before lowering herself onto me, savouring every inch as it pushed up into her.
“Mmmmmm, that’s what I like, a genuine British gentleman that stands up for a lady when she enters”.
Grabbing the headrest behind me, she pumped her pussy up and down, first with shallow strokes, then gradually taking me deeper and deeper into her. I marvelled at her full breasts as they bounced in front of me, the nipples dancing enticingly in easy reach of my hungry mouth. I grabbed her sumptuous knockers and sucked greedily at them as Angel fucked me harder and herder. It seemed that her hard nipples were a direct link to pleasure-central because as I gently bit them and licked them, she came again, grabbing my head and yowling into the headrest as her pussy convulsed around me. She froze and her body jerked and then I felt the unmistakeable rush of warm cum drizzling out from her and down my balls. She looked down at me in abject terror. “Oh my GOD!” she gasped “What the fuck are you doing to me!”
“Same as you’re about to do to me darling” I grunted and lifted her off me.
I bent her over with one leg kneeling on the plane seats and penetrated her dripping honey-pot once again.
“Ohh God, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, you English sonovabitch!” she snarled.
Grabbing her hips firmly, I banged my raging cock into her fast and hard. Her lovely round hooters bouncing back and forth as I pounded. I grabbed them and kept up the pace, pumping my cock deep inside her, enjoying the sound of our skin slapping together. I felt my cum on the rise, and grabbed her hair as I really slammed my meaty piston into her rich, succulent, passionflower.
Feeling that I was reaching my crescendo, Angel gasped “I wanna taste it, I wanna taste it!”
I pulled out and my willing lover turned round in a flash and sat on the seat in front of me and lifted and squeezed her huge juicy melons together in anticipation.
“Shoot your cum all over me!” she panted, licking her lips and looking up at me with her big brown eyes as she closed her beautiful plump lips over the rampant purple head of my cock.
Pulling it back out of her warm, wet mouth, she slurped at it and commanded “Give it to me baby!”
And I obliged, I gave it to her with both barrels. Big, gloopy shots of my creamy cum shot out and splashed onto her cheek and dripped into her open mouth, several more shots fell down onto her delicious tits and oozed down between them, tracing a warm line down her stomach.
I fell back against the back of the seats, the cum still pumping from me and a wonderful rush of pleasure coursing through my whole body.
When I came to my senses, I looked down to see the wonderful sight of Angel licking my cum from her fingers and ginning up at me wickedly. Then I heard a strange sound, from the other side of the curtain separating the two cabins. Suddenly the curtain was pulled aside by another one of the flight attendants, revealing the rest of the passengers, all applauding and wolf whistling.
It seems we’d put on quite a show.

The rest of the flight was much calmer, with the occasional visit from some fellow passengers saying “dude, you guys are awesome!”

When we landed, I lost my Angel in the customs and immigration process, Brits giving fingerprints? What the Dickens! UK-US relations were not as loving as Angel and I had demonstrated mid-flight.

And I hadn’t even opened my bag of tricks.

Maybe next time…

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