By the blood of the Nazerene  

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12/19/2005 8:29 am

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By the blood of the Nazerene

The last few grains of sand tumble and dance over the hole that joins the hourglass. The last grain, whirling and bouncing like the ball on a roulette wheel, skipping and hopping, as if undecided as to where to make it's final resting place.

And so, like the last grain, my time here is not long. I have tried the various dating sites and lock & key parties, and singles nights and singles dinner parties. I've tried clubs, pubs, bars and supermarkets. Every self-help book and women's magazine articles on how to say teh right thing or be the perfect man.

All for nothing, it's as if this site was designed to say, "Hey you little man, when are you going to realise that even the filthiest, lowliest, wretched sluts and harridans will scorn you"

Come! Come unto the cyber Sodom & Gomorrah, and here you shall find Succubi and Harpies the likes of which even a leper would avoid. And woe unto the man who steps in here with a heart of flesh and blood, for here it must be cold as the grave.
For any man with a human spirit shall find nothing here by lies and torment, administered by the hideous pahntasms that reside here and make their sport with mortal men.

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