Coeds 101. Jealousy for the new generation  

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10/26/2005 2:32 am

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Coeds 101. Jealousy for the new generation

I feel like I was born in the wrong generation. Admittedly, my prime years were wasted in a gawky body with a shy, introverted personality (issues which with I’m sure were interconnected), but in my conversations with buddies my age I find I’m not the only one with this opinion. My older friends reminisce about the days when college girls wore tank tops with no bras, free love, and unprotected sex that wouldn’t kill you. My younger friends don’t understand why the guys my age have had so many negative experiences and attitudes regarding women. I don’t know what changed, but something did and I think it was for the better.

On there was an article on what real coeds are thinking. It is an unscientific survey, but I think it will make my point.

What kind of panties are you wearing?
47% Thong or G-string
23% None
16% Boy shorts
13% Bikini
1% Granny

OK, I’m going to be chubbing up just walking on campus now thinking that 70% of the girls are in a thong or less. I have no evidence to support the claim, but I think if this survey was done in 1987 the percentages would be about exactly opposite.

What pubic hairstyle do you have?
61% Bare floor
22% Landing strip
13% Brazilian
2% Hitler mustache
2% Power muff

Again, with the chubbing and the reverse percentages from late ‘80s (did they even have Brazilians?). This time I can at least quote some anecdotal evidence. One time using the women’s restroom in a building on the UC Berkeley campus (it was an innocent necessity I swear) I got to read on the stall wall one girl’s dilemma. Her boyfriend wanted her to get a ‘bare floor’, but was nervous/unsure and was seeking other ladies opinions. NONE of them were positive: “What is he a pedophile that wants you to look like a little girl?”, “Don’t do it. You’ll itch like hell and no man is worth that”, “He’s obviously a porno freak. Dump his ass”, etc.

Have you ever posed for a naughty photo?
53% Yes
47% No

OK. We didn’t have camera phones around to whip out when the timing was right, but I was the school photographer. Had a camera on me my entire senior year. Didn’t get one naughty shot. Again not proof, but…

Have you ever made a sex tape?
31% Yes
69% No

OK. Camcorders were still expensive as hell and low light optics just wasn’t an option. Not really a fair comparison except to say guy of today have it nice.

If a guy asked you to watch a porno with him, would you?
98% Yes
2% No

Yippy! I no longer have to hide my collection! (except from Mom)

Have you ever hooked up with another girl?
55% Yes
36% No

I have no idea what the percentage were before, but judging from the responses to my admitting to having an FMF threesome fantasy to partners… it wasn’t half that high.

How far do you go with a guy you just met?
14% Nowhere
21% First base
28% Second base
14% Third base
15% Home run
8% Doubleheader

OK. This might not have changed much, unless they’re talking ANY guy. If I ignore the 99.998% of women I approached that never lead to sex and just look at what happened on first encounters that did go somewhere, it’d be something like: 20% nowhere, 35% first base, 45% home run. If we went past first base, there was stopping at second or third (I think I was blessed in this regard at least). I have no idea what a doubleheader would be so I can’t comment.

Have you ever flashed your breasting public?
75% Yes
25% No

Shit. I’m going to have to start asking for this one! Spring break at Dayton Beach and I didn’t see that many boobs.

Which of these have you experimented with? (check all that apply)
70% Sex toys
50% Role-playing
46% Anal
38% Threesomes
18% S&M
11% Orgies

OK. I’ve been seeking to experiment with all of these longer than some of the respondents have been alive. Sex toys- check. Role-playing- check. Anal- been requested once, but we couldn’t make it work (ass too tight) otherwise nope (note: this isn’t something I really chase after or right away, but…. Threesomes- no luck (MFM or FMF). S&M- nope (again not really chasing it, but I’d try it if given an opportunity). Orgies- nope (how the hell does one find or set up an orgy anyway? Apparently, 11% of chicks not only knew how to find one, but actually tried it out)

The good news is that the rest of the questions were about things like what girls wish guys knew about sex. I actually did fairly well with those which is encouraging. Now I just need to get those twentysomethings to let me prove it.

And for you ladies my age and older, don’t worry. I know not all women my age are or were hung up sexually. To be fair, we guys had our share of hang ups too. The fact that you are on this site at least speaks that you are more open minded than most of the girlfriends I’ve had.

Hears to the new generation!

rm_luke69iner 48M
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11/1/2005 10:46 pm

Great post

I'm the same age as you. I went to Clemson University in the late 80's and early 90's and what you wrote seems soo true from my perspective.

My older friends tell me about the great sex they had in the 70's and my younger friends leave me a little jealous with their coed liaisons.

You're right though, us guys had our hang ups too that got in the way. Times change I guess. I still had a lot of fun, just not a lot of sex, so no complaints.

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11/2/2005 3:08 am

Thanks for the visit, Luke! Come back any time... bring a friend... a cute friend

OK. Maybe I should just accept what I can get.

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