Time for HOW TO MAKE A BABY 101 (the biology part).  

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2/15/2006 8:11 pm
Time for HOW TO MAKE A BABY 101 (the biology part).

I'll skip the basics since it's already been covered in SEX 101. Now for the indepth part that you'd figure out if you spent time trying to optimize your chances of having a baby.

Men make sperm all the time, an ever flowing fountain, releasing millions in each drop of cum...... women have just 1 egg that matures and is released each month. Sperm can last on avg 3 days after sex. In some rare cases, it was shown to survive up to 5 days, but it's not common. When an egg is released, it lasts 12-24 hrs. That's it !! If it's not fertilized, it starts to break up fairly quickly. Of the many hormones that women make, 2 of them change right before ovulation. If those are being monitored, they can give a 24-48 hr heads up for when ovulation will occur. For most women that happens approx. around day 14. BUT...... it can vary quite a lot. This is true of ALL WOMEN reguardless of age(within the childbearing yrs) Mine has been anywhere from day 12 to day 19. Each night is important, because i have no clue which day i will ovulate.

So.... quick recap.....

Say I get to day 10, i might ovulate by day 12, so best to start having sex then. If i have sex, say on day 12 only, don't ovulate until day 17, sperm only lasts for 3 days.... how likely is it that i will get pregnant? Hmmm....

OK.... Let's say i think i won't ovulate until day 19, so i won't need to start until day 16/17. I make plans for that night, and start checking the hormones on day 12. If i only have the one night planned, i ovulate on day 14, and eggs last 24hrs at most.... how likely is it that i'll get pregnant? Hmmm.....

If there's a sig. other available to have sex every night, then none of this planning matters. Once again i have a guy looking for a hidden plot, this time because of how specific i am about when to be trying. (Is there a smiley on here that rolls it's eyes?)

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2/16/2006 6:29 pm


Sorry guys if that was a bit much, but i've had so many men making weird assumptions based on incorrect info about the female body.

If you want, you can skip the rest of the course, and just concentrate on the homework for SEX 101.

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3/5/2006 10:19 pm

Look me up. Contact me. I will answer your questions, but keep in mind... I am a standard member.

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