rm_BabyIsHotxx 48F
84 posts
10/14/2005 5:59 pm

Ok. I think it's time i added a little perspective for the arrangement i'm hoping for.

There are 2 extremes that i've been offered.
one night stand.... no names, no friendly conversation, no lingering over foreplay, no expectations of it lasting longer that the man (hmm.... 15min ? ), and then a politely worded Get Out!

building a solid long term relationship..... spend lots of time together, get to know each other completely, ... and in 6 months or so maybe think about actually getting me pregnant

i pick option 3)
we get together, we see if there's chemistry, we get to know each other a little, we enjoy the foreplay (a lot!), we have wild and crazy sex..... we have hot wet sex..... we have loud energetic sex... all with the same partner, on different nights ( ) ... and keep doing it until i get pregnant(ok i'll give you a few nights off each month to recouperate), we get to know each other along the way, we become friends, if(IIIFFFFF!) it works out then we let it continue from there, if not we part as friends

yes, very good... I Definitly pick Option 3 !!

rm_267262 58M

10/15/2005 7:48 am

3 is in the mail

novastud4fun 40M

10/16/2005 5:11 pm

im up for 3...

rm_267262 58M

10/20/2005 2:11 am


We have a gorgious looking body here before us who is inviting us to cum in. I have to admit seeing that beautifully round soft bottom and legs so pink and the beautiful triangle peaking below sure gets my juices boiling. You feel that sort of nerve shoot from below to the brain then to the pit of your stomach until you release a breath of air "on my....!!!" is all that you feel. Sort of like a drive by "would-ya?"

You guys can't help to check her sight out, I know I like looking so drop her a note here in her blog. She is looking for the most hotest sex any man could dream of. No condom restriction, she is clean and wants you to be clean is her only concern - Don't those condoms hurt when ya cum?, just skin against skin and the feel of her muscles drawing you in inside her. Sex anytime and all the time you can to keep her satisfied with a puss full of your seeds. Ever have so much sex at once? It is great... so TELL THIS FINE WOMAN WHAT YOU THINK"

yellowvett 51M
2 posts
12/5/2005 11:37 am

I like the Idea especially since I wan't more kids. I like option 3 also.

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