Decisions, decisions  

rm_BabyIsHotxx 48F
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8/21/2005 9:38 am
Decisions, decisions

I have had so many replies to my add(close to 1000 in just the last 6-8months) that sometimes it's difficult to know how to keep up. The biggest challenge is trying to figure out who is actually serious.

Major dilemma... many men seem very interested, we have a number of conversations online, maybe even talk a few times on the phone, decide we are going to meet, ...... and then never hear from them again. How long should i give a guy before i just assume he changed his mind, and is afraid to tell me?

I've gotten a lot of great comments on the pic i put up, and think it certainly has helped to get the attention of a lot more men -->> hopefully more men who read my profile. The only drawback is that most of the replies are more to the pic than to what i'm actually asking for. Many replies don't have enough in them for me to tell if they know what my profile is about.
I guess that's just what happens when you put up a nice hiny pic for a lot of aroused men.

So, back to the decision thing....
If it takes me a while to get back to you, or i ask you the same question a second time, don't take it personally. I'm just wading thru a LOT of emails from a lot of men. If i've responded to you, then something you said or something in your profile has caught my attention, and made you stand out from the rest.

Clem4fun 45M

8/21/2005 11:25 am

i bet they are married and are thinking that they want to. But then they chicken out.

Shame I am not closer...

chucksu 32M

8/21/2005 11:27 am

Its hard saying. Some guys can stick with it tell the first meeting, others just want that 1 night stand. I envy you on how you can get so many ppl asking you stuff. I have only had 3 contacts & 1 of them has contacted me back after I replyed to them.

geared2nature 60M

9/9/2005 10:26 pm

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rm_noonan469 40M
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9/18/2005 8:02 pm

Yeah, thats a great pic, and I am always serious about sex.
My only question, do you expect me to help raise this child?
So, I am blood type A neg.i have no std's, never have never will, I dont smoke, and I dont kiss smokers either, yes, very nasty. as for just sex or a relationship, i always say lets let things pan out and fall where they may. I have no sig. other right now, and i am not even seeing anyone. I have my own place, live with a roommate, but he doesnt care. We can meet wherever, my place your place. I am fairly flexable, especially at night. So if I intrigue you, good, casue I am for real, promise.

dm303 42M

10/1/2005 9:32 pm

if you want to know more about me let me know. Eager to talk to you

rm_267262 58M

10/12/2005 2:36 am

Yes you have placed a beautiful hiny picture. It makes a guy go nuts, at least me. It is not a very lady like position. When we see you lieng there we feel like Lions and desire your scent and sink our paws into your soft rearend as you feel a nip from our fangs on your shoulder blade. Then the roaring starts!!!

It must be a awful long chore in a sense to go thru so many e-mails. I feel for you. You are asking a beautiful favor of a man to make life. To mix the wonderful pleasures a man and woman can share and exchange gifts. It isn't so simple but yet it is in the heat of passion.

It is a serious decision to make with out a relationship connection before hand. I think the ones who are serious about making a baby for you ponder that too after all it is the seed of my make up inside you making new life that would have our eyes. Not to be taken lightly especially when asked by such a beautiful body that makes our juices flow, that is why we stumble...ha!.

To answer your real question which I sort of had is to follow your gut feelingings reading/chatting/phone & meeting, the man that are serious will follow thru, don't get anry becasue you will continually get the planned meetings and no shows etc... I think that is actually normal feelings. Yes rude but we are not going to pick up eggs and milk for you at local grocier either. You'll just have to weed out the ones whom are not serious and find the serious reply, meet, tell him you are still going thru e-mails and for him to be patient. It is just all a process you'll have to go through, no real answers.

All the best to you and future baby...

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