My humble opinion on this AdultFriendFinder Site.  

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1/3/2006 12:52 am

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My humble opinion on this AdultFriendFinder Site.

Never one to hold back my thoughts or words, I say this without reservation. I do apologize if I offend anyone as it is unintentional, but just felt the need to put this out there.


What is with the close up pics of your Johnson, your Beaver, your saggy Fun-bags, your plastic tits, or whatever? I too am proud (Well ok, happy) with my dick. It may only be 7.? inches in both directions, but hey, I know how to work it. And, just as important, I am able to please even the women who say, “I can’t cum unless it is 15 inches long, reaches my tonsils through my hot box, and as thick as a fire hydrant!” I mean really ladies, do we all need to see what I can only describe as a Cow paddy with a wagon-wheel track through it? Or guys, showing Thor’s Club? Hey, nice Cock. All men have one, and at least as far as I know, most all look pretty much the same. Some longer, some thicker, some shorter, and some skinnier. But they are all cylindrical or tubular shaped, with a hole at the end, and a couple of wild nuts at the base. Please have some dignity. Maybe I’m the only one here that thinks this way, but I much prefer a picture of either a pretty face, full frontal nudity showing the whole or parts of the body, or creatively dressed body shot. I fully understand anonymity, so feel free to swirl, black out, or cover all or part of your face, or specific parts that may be recognized by others in the area with which you live. But the first picture on the site being either the Little General, or the saggy tits of gargantuan proportion, could be held in reserve for the second, third, or last picture, and in some cases, simply left off. (Just my opinion).

Personally, I like to see a face. Mainly because, if we do hook up, eventually will have to talk to each other. And the way I see it, even if a woman has a Rock solid body, if the face is in need of covering with a bag, then I loose interest right off the bat. Not that I am vain, or extremely shallow, but be honest, looks matter. And I, for one, like to be able to look someone in the face before and afterwards, and be able to carry on a conversation, without fear of showing distaste in what I see. I realize I am not an Adonis, or model material, but am happy with myself, and confident that some women, and maybe some men, consider me attractive. Also, even after the mind altering, 12-hour, fuck session, eventually we all put clothes on, and walk around with the other living creatures outside to do various tasks such as shopping, or getting gas, etc. I like other people to see who I am with, and want to feel confident that even with clothes on, the woman I am with is attractive. That usually means the face. Killer bodies are great, and dressing to the 9’s is an excellent way of showing the rest of the world how shapely you really are. But most people don’t dress up the face, unless with makeup. Makeup is great. It covers blemishes, highlights eyes, lips, and even makes noses look smaller. But, the actual face is still there.


I don’t understand the Good looking/Beautiful women on this site. Specifically the ones looking just for men. How is it that guys are not lining up around the corner?! In writing this, I am reminded about the joke with little girl and boy comparing body parts. After a few days they each realize they are basically equal, until the little boy shows his penis, and she, her vagina. The next day the little girl says to the little boy, “my mom told with one of these (Pointing at her vagina), I can get all of those I want.” So, ladies, what’s the deal?? I totally understand that in certain parts of the world, there may well be a lack of, what you consider quality men, but for those of you living in Hawaii, LA, NY, Bangkok, Beijing, Tokyo, Ontario, Vancouver, etc., how is it you are not being inundated with requests to go out for drinks, party, or just plain old Fuck sessions?


For all of you who have taken the time to read my profile, I’d like to defend all of us out there who prefer Asian women, and dispel a common myth. While I believe, many think we like Asians because of the submissiveness or subservience thing. That is utter nonsense. I have been exclusively with Asian women, since I was about 17, and NOT one of them was subservient! More family oriented, maybe. But, in my opinion, all women are practically the same. Most, that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and being with, like shopping, makeup, fine dining, dressing up, and love shoes. This isn’t meant as demeaning, but a simple statement. My Ex-wife was from Korea, and she definitely had her own opinion about things, and wasn’t afraid to voice it. For me, it is no different than some people who chose Black women/men or Caucasian women/men; Blondes or Brunettes or Red heads. Simply a matter of taste. And I love the way all women taste. Yummy!!

And, even though I have been with Asian women, for the most part, I seriously enjoy all women. I think you are great. Each and every one of you. Whether White, Black, Red, Green or whatever. For me, nothing feels better than having a female, I am comfortable with, to talk to, watch a movie with, get drunk with, and/or, have total unadulterated, uninhibited, mind altering, FUN sex with.

Ok, off of my soap box. Thanks for taking the time to read this. And of course feel free to rebut, or reply.


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