been a long time  

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9/23/2005 6:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

been a long time

been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely tiiiime...
ah the classics never die.
actually i was referring to my blatent neglect of my own little piece of the internet, the blog (who came up with "blog" and whats it sposed to mean anyways?)so here's the latest.
reality tv, oxymoron? i cant bring my self to watch these survivor, big brother, whatever series, someone tell me my life isnt complete unless i've dedicated hours of my life staring at a group of hollywood wannabes in a digitally remastered version of gilligans island?
things have been going along for me about the same as always, work, eat, sleep, porn, sleep again, not much new to share, anyone feel free to drop a line or two in here about thier daily routine if its any less mind-numbing than mine?

would like to get serious for a sec and send my prayers and well wishes to those affected by the storms down south, god be with you and keep your familys safe

with that,,,i'm off like a prom dress
keep it real (wet) and fun

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