female advice wanted  

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11/29/2005 1:18 pm

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female advice wanted

i'm married with a beutiful family,my problem is that i have a extremely high sex drive,but my wife works allot and is always tired.i don't want to have a affair but i'm extremely horny and i can only masterbate so much.
what should i do?
questions welcome

rm_cdp5370 46F

11/29/2005 3:07 pm

Tell your wife. Me and my husband both work about 60 hours a week but we make sure we find time for sex. Our deal is if we are tired we meet in the middle of the bed about 20 mins before the alarm clock goes off and though that is sometimes hard it keeps both of us happy. Good luck !

rm_BGH4U 48M

11/30/2005 11:42 am

I do most of the cooking and dishes and bath our child and some nights put her to bed and read her stories

rm_BGH4U 48M

11/30/2005 11:46 am

thank you lady's for your advice,i will try to be more open and do more
thank you again

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