Sick but going out anyways lol  

rm_BBWinJC 38F
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4/22/2006 5:50 pm
Sick but going out anyways lol

My tummy's still a little upset, but I was talking to my main partner today (wow, it's a miracle lol) and he is off work right now and wanted some company (even more of a miracle lol). Poor guy's put in over 70 hours this week and apparently he wants some relaxation time.

I think it's just acid reflux acting up in combination with stress (lack of money/job) so I doubt I'm contageous and since I rarely get to see him, I'm gonna head up there. I just got out of the shower so it's time for some fun

I really wish we could see each other more often, we've been dating a little over two months now and have been talking online close to three months. He only lives about 25 miles away, but works so much it's hard to get together. Plus he's the responsible sort who helps take care of his parents, fixes cars, repairs friend's lawn mowers and is remodeling his house lol.

Of course, J knows I have friends with benefits, but tonight's the first night I'll show up with a hicky from one LOL.

Such is life...

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