Men (and women)...  

rm_BBWinJC 38F
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5/10/2006 11:31 am
Men (and women)...

Ok, i've had TONS of people from here send me messages and after a few emails back and forth talking about meeting, they just dissappear.

Is this a common thing on here?

I mean, why even start talking to someone if you're not really interested?

Some people I've emailed probably 10-15 times back and forth and then, all of the sudden, they just dont talk anymore.

And all of the couples i've talked to have quit emailing too.

Am I that bad? Maybe I should have someone leave a testimonial on my profile lol.

I do want to meet more people for sex, I love sex. I am just picky about who I meet and once they get my regular email address, it's pretty definate that I'm willing to meet... not sure why people back out. It's kinda frustrating.

I mean i love sex with the two guys i'm sleeping with right now, but I want more experiences, more adventure, more fun.

And what's up with guys that dont want to use a condom? That's just a big no no with me. I dont take that risk.

So I'm a little picky, but hell, it's my sex life, I should be allowed to be picky. And right now I'm freaking horny as hell and no one is online to meet!

I'm currently emailing everyone who's messaged me in the past to see if they're still interested.

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