A chance encounter...  

rm_BBWinJC 38F
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4/23/2006 3:11 pm
A chance encounter...

I sit studying in the library, my books spread across the table in front of me. I hear footsteps approach and stop beside me. I turn my head and see her shoes standing beside my chair. They are bright red high heeled sandals. I slide my eyes up her long legs to her inviting hips cloaked in a dark black mini skirt. Her hand reaches to caress my face as my eyes continue to move up her sensual curves. Her body fills my eyes and I see her erect nipples beneath her form fitting red top. My hand reaches to the back of her thigh and runs slowly up to her hips, gently brushing against her skin. I feel her body shiver beneath my fingers and lift my eyes to her face. Her dark chocolate eyes gaze back at me, full of desire.
I glance around the library and see no one else around. With one hand on her hip, I pull her body towards me and my other hand reaches between her thighs. I begin to gently massage her leg as her body trembles in response. My hand reaches higher until my fingers brush against her soft curls. Her eyes close and she leans her head back, her breaths coming faster and faster. My fingers toy with her sweet pussy, barely entering her inviting crevice. I feel her legs clench around my hand, holding it in place. She looks down at me and moans, her legs spread apart and I push her miniskirt over her hips. Her delicious cunt is right in my face. I push my fingers deep in her cleft and begin to move in and out, pulling her closer to me with each movement. My fingers toy with her hard pulsing clit as my other hand massages her ass.
I pull my hand away and stand up. Her body leans into mine and our lips meet. I wrap my arms around her and lift her into the air. I sit her on the edge of the table and slide my books onto the floor. My hands reach for her erect nipples, clearly visible through her tight red shirt. My mouth hungers for her sweet taste. Her head is thrown back, her long dark hair cascades down to her waist. Her lips are slightly parted and I can her soft moans of anticipation coming from them. I burrow my face between her breasts, a hand toying with each nipple. My lips move towards one breast and gently grasp the nipple through her shirt. I pull and suck on her nipple as I listen to her soft gasping breaths. As I pull away, I notice a dark wet circle around her hard nipple.
I push her body backwards until she is lying on the table, her legs part for me as I lower myself to smell her dripping cunt. Her scent makes me moan as my fingers spread her open. The sight of her delicious pussy drives all other thoughts from my mind and my mouth waters in anticipation. I fall to my knees beside the table and pull her pussy to my lips. My tongue reaches deep inside for that first taste of her. Slowly and gently, my lips engulf her clit and I begin to suck. I push my fingers inside her deep opening and rub her g spot while sucking on her clit. Her breath comes faster and her moans get louder. My lips suck her clit in rhythm with my fingers moving in and out. I feel her body tense and move faster and faster. She shudders as my tongue rubs her clit. I hear her moan in ecstasy as I feel her muscles contract deep inside. Her back arches off the table and suddenly, she releases. I gently pull away from her dripping cunt and slide her limp body from the table to my lap. Her moisture leaves a wet trail across the table. I put my arms around her and pull her close, gently nibbling her ear. She turns her dark, passion filled eyes towards me and pulls my lips to meet hers. My fingers reach between her legs to touch her soft folds one last time and I feel her body quake. I pull my lips from hers and we both stand. She slides her skirt back down, covering her delicious wet cunt, turns and walks away.

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