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8/26/2006 7:11 pm

Well first let me say last night ended up well. Hubby and I chatted with the wonderful couple I mentioned before. She cammed for Jim. I couldn't resist anymore and went over to him and started to suck his hard cock. He loved watching her while I was down on him. After that we got to watch them go at it for a bit. Then we took a turn. We can't wait to meet them. The thought of it has me wet....

So, on to the WOW part.

Hubby has been trying so hard to get me to squirt. I have wanted to do it for so long now also. We finally figured it out that I am just not letting go, not relaxing enough. Well, that just changed.

Yes I am sitting her with post sex glow. Post REALLY AMAZIG SEX GLOW!

It took awhile but I finally did it. He finally got me to squirt during an orgasm. What an amazing release! I lost count of the amount of times he made me cum.

Have I said just how much I love my husband?


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