Take A Hike.....  

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Take A Hike.....

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It was such a beautiful fall day. The leaves were at their peak. It all looked like a perfect picture you would see on a calender or a travel brochure. The air was crisp and smelled of folige.

This was the kind of day that anyone in their right mind would appreciate and take advantage of. Getting out in it doing something worthwhile instead of looking at it through the window from inside.

That's exactly what Cameron was going to do too.

She had gotten up with the intentions of working outside around her cabin, catching up on some of the things that needed to be done. She was behind on so much that she was beginning to think that she might need to hire someone to help her.

Getting out of bed she looks out the glass door onto the deck to see her little friends that she had started feeding a couple of months earlier. They were two squirrels that lived in the trees just at the edge of the yard that started into the forrest.

They were loading up on the walnuts that Cameron had left on her deck in a box to entice them. She filled it up regularly as they emptied it.

They seemed to know she was there watching them. As they took their walnuts they would scamper by the glass door, stop and stare in for a second as if to say thank you then go on with their work.

Cameron rubs her firm round breasts as she stretches out extending her arms in the air. She brushes her fingertips over the tips again loving the feeling. Pinching them slightly also she feels a slight tingle in her crotch. It had been around four weeks since she had had the touch of a man or woman and she was missing it bad here lately.

She thinks about her last sexual encounter. It was with a couple that she had met through an old sex buddy. They were a hoot. She was a business exec and he was a fireman. They were complete opposites but they were made for each other. You could tell they were completely still in love with each other but yet enjoyed sharing each other with someone else.

Cameron leans over to grab her jeans lying on the floor. When she does she sees her reflection in the mirror from behind. The full length antique mirror showed her beautiful firm shapely legs and her taunt round ass. "Damn i'd fuck that," she thinks to herself giggling.

She finishes getting dressed putting on a flannel shirt over a sleevless t-shirt. She then grabs her Timberlands sliding them on.

Walking over to the vanity she slicks back her hair with both hands and reaches for something to pull it back. It looked to be warm enough outside to need it up. What she needed to do outside she would be getting hot. She didn't need her hair in the way or sticking to her face and neck.

to be continued.......

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1/15/2006 12:35 pm

can't wait for the next chapter

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