Island Heat!  

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10/13/2005 11:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Island Heat!

This site has guidelines so I can't really get into detail "wrong" I'm what you call a bajan yankee which means I was born in NYC but my parents are from BARBADOS so I have the best of both worlds! One day I was coming home form work when I saw a old girlfriend at the corner. I honk and tell her to get in my car. She was dark skin with a body like Janet Jackson tight in the stomach and had a ass you could sleep on with tits that match. She gets in and leans over and gives me a wet one while reaching for my shaft rubbing it! She leaned back and asked me if I missed her? What do you think I said "Nah been too busy but I thought of you!" She told me to drop her to work which shes a nurse and the uniform was tight. So I drove her there while she continued to play with my nuts almost causing me to explode in my pants. I pull up to where she works and she tells me to park the car and come inside she wanted to talk to me. I park the car follow her inside we walk down the hallway. Then she pulls me inside a closet pulls down my pants and starts to deep throat the hell out of my playing with my balls grabbing both ass cheeks and sending her lips all the way down slurping and sucking. She swallowed it all! Then lookiing at me bent over pulled down her pants wearing a G-string bent over touched her toes and said put me into the wall like you used to I grabbed her thighs which are like handles soft but thick and slid all of me into her and she was tight. I couldn't believe it was like I had the wrong hole but it was the right one! She was rocking so hard you could hear her ass bouncing off my thigh as she moaned off and on I forgot how good she felt but she tightened it up even more squeezing it hard with her muscles so I began hitting it harder so she would let loose it was hot as hell in there I was sweating so much I couldn't see only feel and she was wet dripping wet. I wiped my eyes to see her pants were off and she was all wet around the ass and her legs at that second she grabbed me and stopped me I felt hot liquid shoot on my head and my shaft right on to my balls. Man that did it I was going to cum. I told her and she came off with a popping noise and put it dead in her mouth as I started to cum I had to hold on to something she didn't let up one bit. When all was done she looked at me and said I'm going to ask you again "Do you miss me?" I kissed her dead on the lips and said "Remember I was the one you cheated on and told her no!"

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

10/13/2005 5:56 pm

Just in time for winter ... tropical heat !


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