We Had Sex In the Lobby of the Westin Hotel  

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7/20/2005 9:55 pm

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We Had Sex In the Lobby of the Westin Hotel

This is something that I wrote a little while back. It is a stylized version of a real event, and while the hotel staff didn't gather round the couch we discovered later that there were security cameras all over the place. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. I hope you have fun with this.

I saw her standing at the rail,
silk dress hugging contours,
super-sonic streamlined legs,
thong panties outline aerodynamic curves,
string dipping between two half moon cheeks,
smiling dimpled day dream buttocks,
beaming afterglow conversation,
melon sweet mounds of silky sensation,
tongue tweaked nipples,
like cherry topped whipped cream apparitions.

She smiled, wrapped me in anticipation.
I've got to meet her, but God, I don't do this well!

That's when I knew, we'd have sex in the lobby of the Westin Hotel.

Erotic stimulation,
Down and dirty copulation,
I'd follow her to the gates of hell.
Just to have sex in the lobby of the Westin Hotel

Boldly now where I've never gone,
to that pleasure planet on Star Trek,
Like Julie Newmar's brain teleported
into Demi Moore's vanity fair cover-photo body.

We sit and sip champagne from crystal flutes,
fingers mixing wine and desire slip between silk and skin,
spinning circles around areola,
generating high pitched moans,
a ram jet screeching inside her sleek frame.
A high "C" escaping in soprano splendor,
resonating like lightly stroked Lennox.
back arching in involuntary contractions,
reverberating like a quake shaking San Francisco
rocking buildings from their foundations.

From this moment on no hesitation, we're gonna have sex here and now!

Full throttle acceleration,
Pins and needles anticipation,
Headlong plunge through the gates of hell!
We're gonna have sex in the lobby of the Westin Hotel

Her dress to her waist, her breasts in my hands.
I am Michelangelo sculpting a Madonna,
in one of those artist on display markets.
Bell boys and desk clerks leer in wonder
with each new pair of eyes the excitement grows.

Roller coaster rush down that first long drop,
her "G" force legs pin me,
drag me down till the fire gapes wide!

I am Lucifer with long lizard fingers,
gliding over smooth sweaty flesh.
Lizard tongue flicking,
wrapping around her throat,
curling around her breasts,
licking beads of passion between her thighs.
Thrashing wildly, then she sighs.
Then I see them through the vertical slits
of Lucifer's lizard eyes

The hotel staff dumbly staring.
Madonna's legs gripping tightly,
Lucifer glaring,
sex lingers in the air,
and no one really cares.

That's when I knew . . .

We were having sex,

in the lobby,

of the Westin Hotel.

Hell bent stimulation,
lizard licking titillation,
fire and brimstone passion straight from hell!
We were having sex in the lobby of the Westin Hotel

Hummingbird tongue licking, licking, wildly flicking
probing her secrets suspended in flight
cellophane wings drone out waves of sensation
bolts of electricity jolt Frankenstein's creation,
lifeless form now alive and kicking
"It's alive. It's alive!" and taking my licking

With each flick lightening flashes,
contorting the Madonna's perfect chassis,
into a Salvador Dali distortion of sex with wings.
Her body's vibration echoes the hum of my tongue,
faster and faster till the air starts to sing!

Like a 400 cubic inch turbo powered diesel dildo,
legs spread grand canyon wide.
I am Luke Skywalker,
flying to a death star suicide.

My cruise missile penis tracking on ground zero,
I'm a screaming banshee, a fucking hero,
streaking to nuclear hellfire penetration,
finding my final destination deep inside.

Luke Skywalker and the Salvador Dali Madonna phantasmagoria
liquefied in Chernobyl meltdown begging for more.
Generating orgasmic ocean hurricane undulations,
eyes wide shut hallucinations,
We are Luke and Madonna's sexual salvation.

That's when I knew,

We were having sex in the lobby of the Westin Hotel.
Diesel powered dildo copulation,
Nuclear hellfire detonation,
consume us all in the fires of hell!

Let's go have sex, in the lobby, of the Westin Hotel.

justforus1971 45M/45F

7/20/2005 11:48 pm

sounds like alot of fun to me

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