Slightly Sexy or Full of Faith?  

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10/11/2005 3:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Slightly Sexy or Full of Faith?

Five things you'd like to be if you could. My five are:

A successful politician - affecting change that would actually benefit people

An artist - left this by the wayside years ago

A film producer - working on this - 6 feature screenplays to my credit one optioned one being shopped - trying to get my life to a point to actually start doing production - just need the right script and no time to write it right now.

A missionary - god has spoken to me three times

1) "You have been arrogant in the face of god." Two weeks later my youngest daughter was hospitalized with a life threatening kidney infection. I repented, said "I'm ready to listen." She got better.

2) "Reveal my truth." Not the truth of any particular dogma but the truth that is found in every faith.

3) "Build me a church without walls." Not sure what that means. Still listening for instructions.

The greatest salesman ever - so that I could sell the world on the idea that violence doesn't bring peace, that poverty is unnecessary, that cities are not safe for human habitation, that alternative energy isn't an alternative anymore, that freedom can't be imposed, that money isn't the route to happiness, that evil men will exist so long as people support them, that god has many faces and all are valid expressions. There is much more.

Thanks for helping me get clear about what is really important.

With acknowledgment to slightly_sexy8 for her post imaginary lives

papyrina 51F
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10/11/2005 4:46 am

Church without walls would be you,me and everyone else that believes.

My church is within my heart and soul,no walls,no bells just with me 24/7

I'm a

i'm here to stay

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10/11/2005 12:43 pm

It's always nice to hear from both of you Papy and Polly.

So, Papy what are your alteregos?

Polly I would never ask you to justify anything.

rm_bella_ 47F
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10/12/2005 5:55 pm

I have been in missionary that what you meant??

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10/13/2005 6:21 am

Mz H - you got it going on girl. All you need is the 50 billion dollars so you could help us all get out of debt, and pay for the surgeries to keep everything pumped up till you're 120.

I am so sad that I won't get to meet you next week.

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