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8/21/2005 12:15 am

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Party On Dudes

Okay I lied, it wasn't my LAST post for a while, but I am leaving next Thursday. I just had to slip in a comment about the "meet up."

I went to the marina early Friday morning and put my boat in the water, then came back around 6:45PM to wait for people to show. I posted info on a couple of sites so I wasn't sure how many people would show up.

Eventually around 8PM people started to drift in. The problem was that since this was a public place I wasn't sure who was there at my invitation and who was just there because.

I met 3 nice women, the looked to be between 30 and 40, and we struck up a nice conversation. Around 8:30 we decided to go for a sail. We didn't actually get out on the water till probably 9 to 9:30 or so. We looked around to see if there was anyone else that wanted to go but, it ended up just being me and two of the ladies I met.

I'm not sure how many of you made it and I apologize for not hanging around until later but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to have those two womderful women to myself. I guess that's selfish but that's just the truth.

SO, if you made it and want to share your stories I'd love to hear how the evening went for you.

I'm going to be gone for two weeks, but after I get back I will start working on setting up a more private gathering, maybe for the end of September or early October. If you are interested, drop me a note, feel free to offer your suggestions about what you think would be fun. You can share your comments here, or email me if you like.

C U L8R.

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