Morons and Mother Fockers  

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11/15/2005 8:28 am

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Morons and Mother Fockers

Yeah I'm talkin to you hey I'm walkin heer!

I find it interesting that in my travels through this dark and mysterious underbelly of the world's taboo practices and traditions that the people who have the most to say are typically the ones that are read the least. I guess that we must expect the dribble that passes for commentary on this site to get the majority of hits.

What did I expect, it's a sex site.

Well when I first signed up I expected to hook up with people in my area that had similar interests, like having unrestricted sex. What I have found is a group of up tight paranoid overactive immaginations that want to believe that they have gotten beyond the stereotypes. I found a bunch of talkers and not one single person that "walks the walk." That's right, in over six months of emailing, blogging, and participating in group discussions I have not met ONE person in real life.

I'm sure that many will suppose that it is me. Not true, during that same period of time I have met many interesting and engaging women in the real world. So, what's wrong with the rest of you. I know the truth hurts, but you've got to consider that if THIS is your idea of a sex life, you might be a loser.

Good bye and good luck.

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