More Than A Fantasy  

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More Than A Fantasy

I was doing a little work on my profile and wrote this little bit about an experience I had. The thing is I was so captivated by this woman that I fantasize about our encounters to this day. So, here it is the real deal, one of my true life sexual escapades and current favorite fantasy.

I hope you enjoy it and I would appreciate any comments about how to improve the writing.

Her name was Jean. She was a seamstress. One day I asked her to make a suit for me and she agreed.

While she was measuring my inseam she brushed her hand against my penis as she accidentally stuck a pin into my thigh. I asked her to be careful with the family jewels because I still wanted a family. We laughed but I could tell something changed between us.

Prior to that she had been very professional, sort of removed. Now she seemed more talkative, more open, and she was giggling. As she was leaving the office I asked her if she would like to stop by the house for the next fitting. She quickly agreed.

When she arrived I could see her walking up the path toward the house. She was wearing a white dress with fringe at the hem and along the deeply plunging neckline. As she walked those little tassels danced along her breasts like tiny silver drops of water. I kept imagining them trickling down to her nipples.

I opened the door and she stepped into my living room. She took a few steps past me, standing in front of the window, where I had watched her walking toward me. She turned to face me, held her arms out at her sides and looked at me as if to say, "Come and get it," then she said, "What do you think?"

I took a couple of steps slipped my arm behind her putting my hand on the small of her back so that my fingers could feel the crack of her ass, and pulled her close. Her full breasts pressed against me and I could feel the desire rushing through her body. I could tell that she felt my erection pressed against her thigh as I looked into her lustful eyes.

She wrapped her arms around me and our lips met with heat and passion. I kissed her cheek, her throat, her shoulder, then the exposed part of her breasts. I reached up and unbuttoned the fastener that restrained and supported her cleavage.

"Shouldn't we move," motioning toward the window? I guided her the few steps toward the door to the bedroom, as she crossed the threshold she turned to face me, her blouse was fully unbuttoned now, and pressed my face into her bosom. I sucked them gently, passionately making my way to her nipples.

The bra fell to the floor, then she pulled my shirt off and discarded it. I knew there was no going back to our "professional" relationship, and had no intention of doing so.

I pushed her back on to the bed, unzipped the fringed dress and slid it over her hips. As it brushed over her pubic arch it tugged at her panties revealing a glimpse of her neatly trimmed hair. Those golden curls were already glistening with moisture as I pulled the panties away to reveal the most beautiful pair of lips I had ever seen.

I gently stroked her thighs from he knee up to her glistening, wet, lips, lightly probing just inside to feel her moisture. She arched her pelvis to meet my fingers as I parted her lips and placed my tongue against her inner thigh. I licked my way to the little pink ball that was now standing above her labia.

I gently pushed the lips aside sucking on them lightly until I reached that ball of pleasure protruding from it's normal hiding spot. I began to suck it softly, then I started flicking my tongue across it as fast as a hummingbird's wings. She moaned deeply and pulled my hands to her breasts.

I stroked them gently at first while I continued to flick her clit with my tongue. Then I found her nipples, taught and erect, hard as acorns. I pinched them firmly. She moaned again and again, each time arching her pelvis into my tongue.

She grabbed my hands and pulled me up until she could reach my cock, which was throbbing with excitement and just about to gush. She placed it between her breasts and began to rock me back and forth. It only took a moment for me to pick up the rhythm.

As I pushed my dick between her soft mounds of flesh she would allow the head to peak through long enough to take the head into her mouth. Soon, my juices were flowing and she lapped it up eagerly.

I didn't want to come right away so I pulled away and began to slide the head of my dick along her stomach, then I rolled her over and stroked the crack of her ass with my penis. Finally I calmed down. I turned her over again and slipped the head of my dick between the lips of her labia brushing against her ball of pleasure until we were both panting hard again.

"FUCK ME," she exclaimed, "Come on, fuck me!" I couldn't wait any longer and allowed her to aim my prick into her vagina. I had just enough self control to gradually push it home. Centimeter by centimeter, each thrust driving just slightly deeper. I felt her warm, wet, juices flowing all around me as I drove deeper and deeper into her cunt.

That was all it took. As I buried my dick inside her I could feel the walls of her pussy tightening in harder and harder spasms. I could only take a moment more until ... I exploded inside her. Cum gushing pulse after pulse, filling her with my hot liquid. She tensed hard and yelled, "Oh God! Oh God!" I let out a primal scream that I'm sure the neighbors down the block heard, and collapsed in her arms, my head cushioned between her titties.

I couldn't stop myself as I began softly sucking them again. With each gentle tug she would shudder again. It didn't take long for us to regain our strength and desire for one another. After a few minutes of afterglow, she reached down, grasped my dick, and began to stroke me again.

That's when I noticed her wedding band, but I didn't care, my wife wasn't going to be home for several hours.

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