Before the USSR - part 3  

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Before the USSR - part 3

We arrived in Turku around 5AM, but it was close to 7 before the ship was ready for disembarkation. My wife and I had decided to take the "on your own" tour of the city. A bus picked our group up at 7:15 or so and drove us into the heart of twon, about a ten minute bus ride.

It was sunny and warm, the square was full of vegetable stands each one with a brightly colored awning to provide shade for the customers. As we wandered through the square I caught a glimpse of Denise and her grandmother getting on a tour bus. I didn't know if I would ever see her again and tried to lock that memory of her in my brain.

My wife and I walked to the old church and then along the canal past shops and parks until we came to a little grill just at the edge of a small park. The menu had photos which was a big plus since neither of us spoke Finnish.

It turned out that we didn't need to speek Finnish after all. We were able to order in English and got exactly what we wanted, hamburgers and French fries with a coke light. At the time it tasted like the best burger I'd ever eaten, but then, it was the only thing I'd eaten in about 8 days that was mostly American.

We wound up our day shopping in a really cool arcade like amll sort of shopping center. It was a cluster of buildings that had been glassed in so shoppers would have a protected environment during inclement weather. It was about 6PM when we finally made it back to the ship.

Leaving Turku was quite a feat, the boat had to be backed out of it's berth and turned 180 degrees inorder to sail out. The Captain handled that 300,000 ton ship like a dance partenr. As we sailed out we were accompanied by a 40ft or so sailing yacht, it made me yearn to come back to this part of the world in my own boat. A fantasy I've held for years.

Dinner was served arond 7PM and we had a good visit with our table mates. finally they opened up and talked about some of the kinkier things they had done on some of their travels.

I saw Denise at the table again with her grandmother. She mostly focused on her dinner and conversation with the old ladies. Every once in a while she would glance my direction and look at me with those big blue pleadig eyes as if to say,"Rescue me, please." At least that's what I hoped she was thinking.

After dinner I wandered down to the casino and sat with my favorite bartender, a filapino woman named Lilly. Once again my wife came by to say goodnight, and I stayed behind hoping that maybe Denise would come by to rescue me. I sat at the bar nursing a margarita until almost midnight when I finally caught sight of Denise. There was some guy with her that I didn't recognize and he seemed to be prettty well monoploizing her attention.

About that time Denise caught sight of me. Her eyes lit up and once again I melted inside. Isn't it funny how someone can make you weak in the knees with just a glance. She mad her way straight over to me, trying her best to ignore the gadfly that kept buzzing about hovering over her.

Finally she sat down, turned her back on the gadfly, and focused her attention solely on me. I think I was the happiest man alive in that moment. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife and we have a great relationship, but there is nothing like falling in love. That's exactly what was happening, I was falling in love with Denise.

This was the last night we would be on the ship. We would dock in Stockholm and that would be the end of the cruise. I knew that if anything more was going to happen that I would have to take charge. I excused myself from the bar for a moment and caught the head waiter unoccupied. Denise watched me curiously as I gave him a hundred dollar bill and returned to the bar.

I sat wit Denise sipping my margarita while she sipped her sparkling wine, until finally the head waiter returned approached me and handed me a key. I was taking a huge risk, but I ws hoping Denise still wanted to be with me as much as I wanted to be with her. I had bribed the head waiter to find us an empty cabin and a bottle of champagne, and he had just delivered the best service I could have ever asked for.

I took Denise by the hand and urged her down from the bar stool. I escourted her out of the casino area and into the passageway.

"What's going on?" she inquired.

"Trust me," I replied.

She rolled her eyes but didn't resist. I led her to the elevator and down to the Safari deck, deep within the guts of the ship, and almost to the bow. I think it was cabin 126. I just remember it was sort of small and didn't have any port holes. There was a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and two flutes waiting.

Denise entered hesitantly and turned to face me. "What's all this?" she asked apprehensively.

My heart jumped in my throat. "I thought you wanted to be with me," I said wondering if I had overstepped my boundaries.

"I do," she said, "I'm just not sure if I want it to be like this."

"I thought this might be a little more private than the stairwell," I said candidly. "We can just sit and talk if you want."

She looked down at her shoes for a moment, and then did something that totally surprised me, she slipped them off. She began to unbutton her blouse, and I reached over to stop her.

I held her hand, pulled her close, and said, "We really don't have to."

She looked deeply into my eyes searching for the truth then replied, "I know." She wrpped her arms around me and pulled me to her. Our mouths met in a steaming frenzy; licking, sucking, probing each other, hungrilly trying to swallow each other whole.

It only took a few moments of this delirious delight for our clothes to come off. Finally I had full access to her perfectly shapped breasts and I cupped them in my hands as I switched between sucking her lips and sucking her nipples. Her breasts seemed to swell to twice their normal size as Denise became hotter and hotter.

Once again she had her hand wrapped around my cock strocking me in time to the rapid sucking of her titties. Occasionally I would bite her nipples just a little hard and she would yelp a little. Then she would raise them up so that I could suck them even harder. She was stroking, stroking, stroking, making me feel as though I would come any second, but just about the time I though I would she would grasp my cock hard, squeezing it till the feeling passed.

Finally I leaned her back onto the berthkissing and sucking her titties and nipples down to her stomach and navel. Finally I was stroking her tits with my palms and twirling my fingers around her nipples, and kissing her inner thighs closer and closer to the lips of her huny hole. I burried my tongue inside her lapping up her juices as I licked her hole deep inside.

I felt like I wanted to force my head back inside her. I kept pushing my face into her pussy until I thought I could feel the lips of her labia pressing against my eyebrows. Then I licked all the way up to her clit and down to her anus, probing each as deeply as possible in turn.

With each pass she would moan deeply and shudder, especially when my tongue pressed against her clit. At the same time she would take my cock into her mouth, deep into her throat, until it felt like I would come, then she would squeeze until I could continue. Finally between moaning and sucking my cock I herd the magic words, "Fuck me, Jeasus Christ fuck me!"

I switched positions so that I was between her legs, then put my hands behind each knee and pushed her legs back until her knees were almost next to her ears. I looked down to see her quivering, oozing , wet, pink huny hole. I didn't need any help finding the spot, and I plunged my dick hard into her hot, wet, pulsing pussy.

She pulled a pillow over her face and let out a muffled scream. "Oh, god fuck me!" she moaned. I plunged deeper and deeper into her. Then withdrew and licked her clit some more. After a few moments I plunged into her again and I felt her whole body tighten up as her pussy pulsed wave after wave trying to milk every drop of come out of me. It didn't take much of that either, almost simultaneously I felt my body involuntarilly go ridgged as I began to pump hot come into her. I growled ot loud as I felt her draining me of my precious fluids.

She wrapped her legs around my ass and squeezed me tightforcing my dick into her even as it was begining to go flacid. Even though I was drained her squeezing and pumping my dick in to her over and over, made my cock start to get hard again.

We must have kept it up for a couple of hours before we both collapsed into a sweaty heap. We got up and went to the shower, which was too small for two but we just left the curtain open, and lathered each other up.

It didn't take long for that to digenerate into another fuck session. Slipping and sliding all over the wet floor, as the ship pitched and rocked on the waves outside, we were grabbing anything we could to keep our balance. We did manage to get hot again and put it all together one more time.

We got out, dried off, got dressed, and sat down for some of the champagne. Then we talked for another hour or so until Denise finally said she would heve to go before her grandmother got up. I hadn't noticed but it was 4:30 in the morning.

It was hard to let go, for both of us. She would start to leave, and then turn around and kiss me again. I would start to let her go, only to pull her back again. Neither of us wanted it to end, but we both knew that it would have to, and very soon.

The next morning in the Wasa museum my wife and I were shopping for souvigners when I saw Denise on the next isle. We spoke politely, and I just couldn't help myself, I had to stroke her ass as I passed by. She smiled and kept on shopping.

The last time I saw her was when we got off the plane in Dallas. She and her grandmother were waiting by the baggage claim as my wife and I arrived to claim ours. I walked over and asked her to contact us sometime and we could all get together for dinner. She smiled and said she would, but I don't expect that we'll meet again. However, you never know, maybe we still haven't gotten enough of each other. Time will tell.

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Oh wow ... champagne ....

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If you mean why is part 2 listed second, it's because I coppied part one and pasted it into a new post. That post shows up first with the first part of the story - hench part 1.


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