Before the USSR - part 2  

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Before the USSR - part 2

The next day we had sightseeing tours in St. Petersburg, Russia. We had to meet up at 7AM or so to be assigned to a bus. When I entered the lounge where we were to meet I saw Denise across the room, her grandmother in tow, again. She looked my direction and smiled as she filed out with the rest of her tour.

Off and on during the day our tours would cross paths and I would get a glimpse of her helping her grandmother along. My wife noticed my distraction and asked me if I had met her yet. I told her that we met briefly in the casino, and let it go at that.

At dinner that evening I was totally distracted by Denise, several times during dinner my wife had to elbow me to get my attention. I don't know if any of the other couples knew what was going on, if they did they didn't bring it up. Luther did say something about dancing naked with my wife and wanted to know what was wrong with me. I said that I was just tired, and he seemed to accept it.

Denise would look my direction now and then during dinner and make me feel all warm and squishy inside. At times I could feel an erection growing in my pants as I found myself daydreaming about kissing her, wanting to fondle her rather round breasts, wanting to bury my face between her legs and lick up her hunny. I got so worked up I couldn't stand when one of the couples got up to leave because the bulge in my pants was so big.

I couldn't communicate directly with her without tipping off her grandmother about what was going on, although I'm sure she was aware that something was going on. So, I decided to try my luck at the casino again. I excused myself and wandered down to take my place at the one-armed-bandit where I would wait for Denise and hope she would show up.

I waited for an hour or so and Denise never showed up. I went back up to the Ambassador Room and found my wife with Luther and Hermie again.

"No luck," my wife asked. I knew what she meant, and she wasn't asking about the slots. "Nope, no luck," I replied. "Maybe she'll show up later," my wife whispered so that Luther and Hermie couldn't hear. I was a little surprised, but she seemed to be having a good time so I didn't question it.

After the show everyone retired to the Polo Room for more drinks. I left them there and wandered back down to the casino. After a while my wife came by and said goodnight. I continued to sit and plunk coins down the chute.

Just as I was about to give up I felt the familiar touch of Denise's fingers on my shoulder. It's funny how you can tell who is touching you even though you can't see them. I turned around to see her smiling at me. Instinctively I placed my hands on her waist and gently pulled her toward me.

To my surprise she resisted. There weren't more than 6 or 7 people besides us in the casino so I didn't know what to make of it. Denise leaned toward me and whispered, "Not here." Then she took my and and lifted me off my stool, led me to the door, and out onto the deck.

We went up a flight of steps to the next deck and walked toward the front of the ship. After a few moments we came to a part of the deck that continued forward while another set of steps went up to the observation deck. It was fairly dark under the steps and Denise led me around the steps into the darkness.

Almost as soon as we had slipped into the shadows she turned to face me and waited for me to come closer. I began to stroke her waist and thighs allowing my hands to wander downard to carress her ass. I cupped my fingers between the cleavege of her buttcheeks and pulled her closer. She didn't resist at all and eagerly wrapped her arms around my neck as she passionately planted her lips against mine.

Her kiss was hot with passion and I felt her breasts heaving against my cheat as she tried to draw me closer. It was like she wanted to crawl inside me and just couldn't manage it. Her kiss was hungry, wanton, horny, sweet as a morning glory's nectar. She rubbed her thigh against my erection to heighten my anticipation. Then with one hand she reached down and grabbed my cock through my pants.

I almost let out a yell, and would have if she hadn't started probing my mouth with her tongue. She unzipped my pants and reached in. After a moment she managed to expose my cock and began stroking it. I was completely lost in that moment. I reached down and ran my hand inside her thigh from her knee to her crotch. Pushing her dress up I discovered that she wasn't wearing any panties. I probed the folds of her labia with my fingers until I found her clit. It only took a second for her to start oozing hunny fluids. After a few moments of mutual stimulation and passionate kissing I could feel myself about to come.

"I'm about to come," I moaned.

I wanted to stuff my cock in her hot pussy right then. I don't really remember how she did it but the next moment I was in her mouth, my cock halfway down her throat, gushing hot cum. I was moaning, she was moaning, I was grasping for her tits, she was forcefully holding my cock in her mouth and sucking my dick for all she was worth. I can't remember cumming like that in a long, long time.

After a few moments she stopped sucking me and stood up, still maintaining her grasp on my cock, still stroking it, keeping it hard. I began to tug at the straps of her dress trying to expose her tits which had become swolen and seemed almost ready to bust out of her dress. I managed to expose one tit and get my mouth on her nipple while I continued to stroke her clit, getting her wetter and wetter.

I manipulated her clit more rapidly flicking my finger tips across it in quick succession. She moaned deeply and I felt copius amounts of her hunny fluids lubricating my fingers. She shuddered and moaned. "Ummmmmm, I want you inside me," she moaned. I was ready to accomodate her. I began to pull up her dress so I could get between her legs when I heard voices. I looked between the steps that concealed us to see another couple walking our direction. "Shit," she said.

We hurried to pull our clothes on and tried to act as though nothing was going on. We stepped out from under the steps when the other couple were about 25 to 30 paces away and leaned out over the rail as if we had just stepped out for some air.

I'm sure the area smelled like sex but to pour amazement the couple stopped a haf-dozen paces from us and leaned out over the rail themselves. I don't know maybe they had the same idea about that secret little spot, maybe they were just trying not to intrude. Anyway they wouldn't leave so Denise and I did.

By the time we had gotten away from the couple the mood was totally lost. "I'd better get back to grandmother," she said with some reluctance. Denise kissed me politely as we stood in front of the elevator, then got on. The doors closed and she was gone. I'm still not sure what to make of that.

It all felt like a dream. I wanted to chase after her and do it all over again just to make sure it ws real, but I didn't know where to chase her to. I had to let her go.

The next day was Russia again, and I didn't see Denise until dinner that night. She didn't look at me as often, instead she focused her attention on her grandmother and the elderly women at her table. I don't know if grandma had chastised her, she was feeling guilty, or what.

We set sail for Turku, Finland during dinner and by the time dinner was over we were out in the Gulf of Finland. It was a beautiful sunset, and my wife joined me in the jacuzzi as we left St. Petersburg behind.

After getting back to my cabin and getting dressed I decided to go with my wife to the magic show. It was "Moscow Magic" a man and woman team who performed some really amazing stunts. Like hiding her behind a cloak and every time he would raise the cloak she would be wearing a different outfit, and then a volunteer from the audience went up on stage tied the woman up, then the magician held a cloak around the woman and the volunteeer. After a few moments of wiggling the magician pulled back the cloak and the woman was wearing the volunteers coat and she was still tied up. Pretty amazing.

After the show I decided to go back to the casino to see if Denise was going to show up again. I waited in the casino until 2AM or so. Everyone had left, and I do mean everyone. All the managers, gamblers, tellers, dealers, no one remained except me. I sat there wishing Denise would come and touch me on the shoulder again, but she didn't. I went back to my cabin and went to sleep.

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