Before the USSR - part 1  

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Before the USSR - part 1

The trip from Gdansk was overnight. We left around 7PM while we were at dinner. There was an attractive young woman dining with three elderly ladies that caught my eye.

She was tall, probably 5 foot eight inches in her bare feet, thin but shapely. Her blonde hair fell past her shoulders and her facial features were chiseled with a narrow ski-slope nose that turned up at the end. Her teeth were perfect, which was most obvious when she laughed. Her eyes were crystal blue and pierced right through me when she looked my way. I was smitten from the moment I saw her.

It was a bit odd at first, the first two days of the trip I was dining with my wife and three other couples. Several times when I would look in this young woman's direction she would smile, and then go back to her conversation with the older women. I thought she was just being polite, but decided that I wanted to meet her.

After dinner the second night, I looked for her in the lounges and casino so that I could introduce myself and find out what her story was, but she was nowhere to be found. We were at sea all the next day and it was pretty rough, so mostly everyone stayed in their cabins or spent their time hugging the deck rails.

At dinner that evening I saw my future friend again. Dinner went as usual. She would look my direction, I would look at her. She would smile, I would melt. Then I would curse the old women and couples at my table for standing between us. It was quite frustrating.

After dinner my wife decided to go to the show in the Ambassador Lounge, the largest lounge on the ship. She went with one of the couples that we had dinner with, Luther and Hermie. I stayed in the cabin because I just didn't have any interest in watching ballet performed in a pitching heaving ship's caberet.

As I lay in my berth watching the euro-porn on TV I kept thinking about the young woman from dinner. I didn't really want to watch porn, I wanted to find her and make some porn of my own. I got up, put on my shoes, and headed out to try to find her one more time.

I got lucky, sort of. She was in the casino with one of the old ladies from dinner. I got a bucket full of change and sat down at the slot machine next to her. I started dropping coins in and punching buttons. After a few minutes I stopped and turned to her, "Do you have any idea how to play this?" I asked.

She turned to ward me and flashed me a smile, "Oh, hi. I recognize you from dinner." My heart leaped into my throat. "My name is Denise."

I gave her my name and extended my hand. She reached out and placed her hand in mine, then she looked right through me. "I'm pleased to meet you," she whispered. "I'm pleased to meet you also," I gulped.

"This is my grandmother," she said as she leaned back slightly so that I could reach across her to shake her grandmother's hand. As I reached past her my arm brushed against her stomach and the underside of her breasts, she didn't recoil.

I shook grandma's hand, and as I leaned back to my stool, Dinese looked me in the eye again. I felt as though she had crawled inside me, or swallowed me up entirely. About that time grandma piped up.

"Denise came with me on this cruise while her husband is taking care of their three children." Grandma knew exactly what was going on and was trying with all her effort to stop it.

"Oh," I said, "I have three kids at home too," trying to brush off grandma's comment.

Denise perked up, "I have two boys and a girl. What do you have?"

"I have two girls and a boy," I replied, refocusing my attention back on Denise.

I could feel the connection, Denise could feel the connection, and I'm sure grandma felt the connection too. That's when grandma decided it was time for serious measures, "I need to get to bed. We have an early day tomorrow," she said as she climbed down off her stool. Denise had to turn her attention toward grandma and glanced at me as she was leaving as if to say, "hold that thought."

My heart sank as Denise held her grandma's arm while the old woman tottered off down the hall.

I sat at the one-arm-bandit aimlessly dropping quaters into the coin slot. Click, click, click the wheels spin. Buzzzzz! Not a winner. Click, click, click, ding ding ding, we have a winner folks. I did that for what seemed like hours mindlessly staring at the spinning wheels.

I use to wonder why people would just sit at the slot and plunk down one coin after another for hours on end. I think it's like some sort of zen meditation. You get into a rhythm and it's pretty comfortable to have just one mind, or no mind at all. I was in the zone when I was dragged out of my trance by the feel of fingers softly touching my shoulder.

"Hi," it was Denise. "Sorry about my grandmother, she's a litttle over protective. Especially on this trip, so many men trying to hit on me and all."

I nodded my understanding. "What if I'm hitting on you?" I asked mischeviously.

"I'm here aren't I?" she replied.

I didn't expect her to be so direct and her response took me off guard. "and?" I inquired. Trying to get her to spill the beans. I wanted to be sure I was on the right track and not just imagining something that wasn't real.

"And, we could get a drink, go sit in the jacuzzi and talk," she said in a straight forward manner.

"I didn't wear my suit," I replied cautiously, still probing for her true intent.

"Me either," she said as a smile crept onto her lips. "Just kidding," she said trying to lighten things up. "We can just take a walk if you like."

"That would be great," I said as I slipped down from the stool. "Would you like a drink?"

"Champagne would be nice," she seemed to wink at me when she spoke.

I retrived two glasses and a bottle of champagne from the bar. Things are so easy on the ship, just tell them your room number and you get anything you want, they just add it to your bill. I followed her out the glass doors of the Charelston Club onto the sun deck.

I wasn't sure if she was kidding about the jacuzzi or not, so I led the way up the the deck where the hottubs were located. Denise followed without any coaxing necessary.

We sat down in some of the lounge chairs, and I poured two glasses of bubbly wine. We talked and laughed for a couple of hours. She was quite animated, and every time she looked at me she smilled. She made me feel like I was the only guy in the world, I wondered if she felt the same thing.

After a while the conversation trailed off and there was that akward silence when you don't know if you should kiss her or just say goodnight. I decided to leave things as they had been, simply wonderful. I stood and said, "You've got to get to bed, you have an early day tomorrow. Ah, in 5 hours or so."

I extended my hand to help her up, she placed the tips of her fingers against my palm and sent a shiver through me.

"Thanks," she said, "You've been so sweet." She placed her fingertips just behind my jaw and pulled me to her, then she placed her lips against mine, softly sucking my lower lip between the warm, moist, supple, folds of her mouth.

I allowed my hand to caress her waist as she pressed her body fully against me for just a moment, just long enough to feel her breasts against my chest and my erection against her thigh.

I let her go and she disappeared down the passageway and onto the dimly lit walkway adjacent to the lifeboats.

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