Another Phoney Baloney? and Other Shylock Bullshit  

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7/30/2005 12:19 am

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Another Phoney Baloney? and Other Shylock Bullshit

I connected with someone online and began to exchange email recently. They represented themself as the female part of a couple. Here's the rub, she wrote things that sounded more like a guy. I don't know if any of the rest of you run into this much but it seems to follow me.

I brought up my suspicions and asked her to give me a courtesy call so that I would know who I was dealing with. The call never came. Now I'm left wondering if she was for real nad I've ruined what might have been a nice online friendship, or if she was really a he attempting to trick someone.

I tried to email her again but I have been blocked. Here's the letter I was trying to deliver. I would appreciate any comments you may have.

Dear XXX

Your relationship with your partner has nothing to do with what's happening between us right now. What's between us stays between us.

It's not a question of whether or not you are looking for a man or woman. I have no intention of interjecting myself into your situation, or any situation that isn't comfortable for everyone. IT is a question of whether or not you are who you say you are, or someone else.

I recognize that it is possible for a woman to be so enamoured of her man that she gushes about him the way you do, but my experience in this forum has been a bit different. Perhaps it is just having run into so many pretenders or wannabes.

You know that I am real because I didn't hesitate to give you my number to call. On the other hand a call never came. This, in addition to some of the things you wrote, casts a cloud over our interaction.

This is one of the reasons that it is so difficult to actually hook up with sincere people on sites like this, it's difficult to trust someone when you have to be so suspicious of everyone else's intentions.

If you are not comfortable in a situation with me photographing you, or being sexual with you, then I wouldn't force it or try to trick you into doing it. It just isn't worth it.

If your partner isn't comfortable with the idea that you want to fuck other men, I REALLY don't want to get in the middle of that.

If he doesn't know, you have two choices; 1) be really careful and don't get caught, or 2) tell him how you feel and what really flips your switch and let the chips fall where they may.

You owe it to him if you really love him. If he doesn't know how you feel, especially about your sexual desires, he's marrying a false idea, not the real you. Eventually the truth will come out and he'll resent you for not telling him, or you'll resent having to sneak around to get what you really want. Neither one is likely to have a good outcome.

I realize you are looking for a female to have sex with your man. I brought up the idea of having sex with you because you wrote something that seemed to open the door (I can go back and look if you like). I truly didn't mean to impose.

I would be interested in getting together with you and your partner, and one of my girlfriends, but only if your partner is comfortable with me fucking you while he is fucking my GF. IF you are comfortable fucking me and my GF without your partner being present, then that's your choice and I'm okay with that too. I would even be okay with your partner and I fucking you without a woman present if that is something your partner can agree to and be comfortable with. If you aren't interested in being fucked by me and your partner, along with whoever else, I'll shut up about it.

I'm really not concerned about who is going to be fucking who. What is way more important to me is whether or not I can trust the people I am dealing with. I am married, with a family, and I do require some assurances that I'm not walking into some psycho situation like the woman in Waco. I could have gotten shot over that little incident.

So, if you want to continue exchanging dirty talk or emails, call me. A five minute conversation will settle any questions about who we both are. Then everyone can relax knowing that this is the REAL deal and not some shylock shister bullshit.

I'm up for whatever makes you feel good, as long as I can feel good too. Talking dirty on the phone, or in emails, isn't the same as having real sex anyway, it's mostly in your head, but it's better than knitting. I enjoy our connection regardless of your sex or marital status. Hey if nothing else works out, I'd love to do your hair sometime, that would be fun too.

Was that too obteuse?

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7/31/2005 9:46 am

Posting comments in the blogs I could care less if the person is from Pluto, but in personal emails it's deceptive and cruel.

Sad to say that I've been on the receiving end of this far too often to get roused by it anymore. It's really more of an annoyance these days.

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