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7/18/2005 7:44 pm

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How I got here...

Hi, everyone !! Not only am I tall and blonde now I'm a blogger. How cool is that. Having trouble getting my pic in place but we are working on it. So.. lets talk about me first, like my guy I am self employed (in the health field..I guess you can call it that) No I'm not a Dr. but with the right outfit I can be one hot nurse. As you may tell I am a very fun person and I'm very happy with the way my life is going now.(I've unloaded alot of pain in the ass baggage within the last month or so.. but my mother still pisses me right the hell off.. that's another blog). I have a great man in my life and we are stepping outside the box. I have always wondered
about alternate life styles but was afraid of going to hell or worse.. another miserable relationship with some nut ball co dependent man who either whines all the time and has no balls to stand up to me or a abusive redneck... ooh sorry no hate there.. happy happy happy .. ok back to me ... So I meet my guy he introduces friend finders to me .. I give him the I don't know,bla bla bla the girlie pout and now here I go naked ass on the Internet... WOW !!

Please look for our pics .. forgive the technically impaired ... will be back soon with more about me and my guy.. BE HAPPY LIFE IS SHORT LETS NOT MISS IT !!!! Asweetblonde

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