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7/14/2006 11:43 am

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Sweden, it

There we were, Gothenburg, last minute holiday weekend deal, her surprise, didn’t know then what the real surprise was, that bit was too come Monday morning. Large 4* hotel, nice enough in a the same the whole world over never find anything new kind of place.

Unpacked flicking through the hotel directory and a sauna, steam room and swimming pool on the ground floor, really what I needed, her too.
We go down, we swim, then sauna. In the tight wooden hut within a room kind of gig and not knowing the score we’re still in our costumes but then again there’s no one else there, 15 minutes later after a few shower breaks and still we’re alone, she leaves and comes back 5 minutes later with a bottle of baby oil.

She walks over in the steam drenched sweat of the room in her delicious white two piece translucent nearly with her body sweat, she glows with sweet salt sweat. Now she’s pulling at my costume. I’m getting hard without yet being touched.

Now she’s holding me, she oils my cock with the bay lotion slowly and her hand tightens hard as it runs up and down in a mixture of sweat and now hot oil.

I’m looking out of a steamed up port hole in the wooden door, is anyone out there is anyone likely to come in, do I want them too? Deep down yes “please please please someone arrive in the midst of this”, will they see exactly what’s going on through the steamed clouds?

She turns her back to me reaching behind her still with her hand now wrenching at my hard on, leans forward with one arm erect holding her angled away form the wooden bench and now starts to slide my well oiled cock between the white material of her bikini bottom and the hot sweat skin of her arse cheeks she moves her legs apart slightly but not fully open and now I take over directions and ram (I really never have rammed quite like this before straight into her arse, no grace nor gentility needed here, it has to be slippery, oiled sweaty and above all hard and painful for both of us.
“Please please please someone come in” this is unbearable I want to be caught in my woman in public in steam and in sweat, she does too I know it I really know it, her noises tell me, she’s never moaned like this before, it’s a moan calling out in it’s subtle way for that ultimate discovery.

I want to bite the cheeks of her arse deeply, slip my tongue into her wet soft sweat ridden virgina, to taste the mixture of arse, salt, her own sweet oils from deep inside her heavenly cunt, I want to taste it all, I’m going mad now on my knees salivating away like a mad mad dog, slurping licking sucking like there’s no tomorrow. I want all of her I have to taste everything she has ever been and I do.

I’m so intense now I forget the desire for someone to turn up, they never do and who cares now, this intensity is for us two and no one else. On we go on I eat, she turns around facing me her face drenched with sweat, pulls me down to her and we fall softly on to the bench and now we fuck. God how we fuck. I can’t get deep enough, the sweat pours off my face I see it falling on hers, my sweat mixes with hers hers with mine, we kiss near devouring each other, our cheeks slip and slide together in as do our chests, her bikini top sodden digging into my chest, and we writhe and writhe. Soon and it wasn’t long we’re lying there soaking in our steam induced pool of lust sated and breathing so we can’t even talk.

This was the best sex I ever had. Ironic as two days later she tells me why we’re here. She’s leaving me, as we “have no future”, she took her own plane home early. It was a deeply mixed weekend, I’ll never forget it. Which was why I could do nothing but laugh loudly when I caught sight of her yesterday - the first time in 10 years - in the coffee shop. She’d put on weight, but she still had it, in spades as they say.

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