A chinese new year?  

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1/2/2006 9:11 am

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A chinese new year?

Mao once said that “women hold up half the sky”, or something if I recall correctly something like that. In defense of the post feminist denial of the male member’s (oo er missus) inability to recognize anything other than the words “want a fuck?” and “I enclose herein a picture of my massive knob” there are other sky’s. We can empathise, romanticise, and see other aptitudes and self awareness of our sex. Yes ladies it is possible! Maybe we don’t communicate (I readily give you that one) or elaborate, but it is possible. There are men who can think for themselves and with organs other than their knobs busily dreaming in colour.

TripleHARD3 57M

6/16/2006 9:45 pm

Arkle you are truly IMNSHO a wise man a master of woRds that brings 2 mind the immortal James Joyce....enuff said

REguarding our man hood u do a damn good job which brings 2 mind (i am indeed lucky 2 have you as a friend that is 2 have an intelligent conversation for a change....i've missed you compadre) i have reason 2 believe is the answer 2 the age old riddle 'which came first the chicken or the egg?'

we XY-men are the key; if the chicken was a hen then the chicken came first alter natively if the chicken was a rooster than the egg came first; furthermore x cums before y in the alphabet

if we can agree on this then the rest is HiStory or is it HerStory and we are merely 'boytoys' nowhatimean? I like you have learned in this world of hard knocks (or should i say cocks)never 2 under ass 2 mate the foxy moxy of the sisters 'in the hood' especially their powers of manipulation which derive from their foreknowledge leaving us men half-witted (why you ask not realizing the answer is write in front of you)

the reason i believe all this is true is that i wished fore knowledge in return for nothing and out of spite it was given which was a fatal mistake since knowledge corrupts and absolute knowledge corrupts absolutely; i was in deed lucky 2 now have in my possession both foreknowledge and nothing; after all is said and done nothing is in deed more powerful than knowledge and foreknowledge is knowledges' precedent; the relationship between foreknowledge and nothing is that foreknowledge is 2 know that nothing is the creator; the corrollary being one is less than nothing and that absolute knowledge is an evolutionary 'dead end'

thinking retrospectively i believe y'all are being deliberating disrespectful the correct term is grace and not Luck since i have NEVER got in Lucky which if u truly have wit and humour please forgive the pun is a term i reserve for God bent over backwoRds

may i re mind u that grace and not luck that turned an apparent sin
into a blessing and that it is grace and not luck that got us thru this potential cat ass trophy; never more said the raven are men 2 be toyed with; 2 much ego cannot be balanced with 2 much id as 2 wrongs do not make a wright they only subract from thee superego(freudian slip or quip u tell me if u dare 2 reason 2 believe me u)

Luv 2 y'all my Xs'
ceo and founder of the institute of preantiinstitutionalizationizm

m dear friend one is the wrighte spelling including the upper case X by grace i think i believe you've got it....by grace i do believe i can play the XYLOPHONES' like a finally tuned diddle

2 show i know no hard feelings appearing deceitful butt i should not have 2 re mind u epigenetics' being the key 2 the future now or do i?

TripleHARD3 57M

6/16/2006 9:56 pm

    Quoting rm_ArkleBar:
    Oh for a fine balance between all those x & y chromosomes floating around here like so many specs of dust in space that we are - although from what I see we are more x than y on this site (or is that more y than x?).

    To prove the harmonious balance between the ying and the yang I set myself a challenge today to prove that we are all one and not divided along gender lines like so many would have us believe. So my challenge was to come up with words with both the letters y & x in them.

    Swine of it was all I could come with was Xylophone, and I'm jiggered if that's the right spelling
i am eternally grateful that by God's grace we are NOT all one and in deed divided along gender lines and we are in deed lucky that it 'feels so good'

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