The Perfect Woman  

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8/17/2006 5:34 am

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The Perfect Woman

Everyone has an idea of what their perfect woman would be. Some think she should be a certain height, or weight, or color. Her hair and eye color should be a certain color. That she should smoke or not smoke, drink or not drink. She should be well educated, or have a good job, or own a house and a vehicle.

"Should" seems to have a large agenda in finding just the "right" woman for someone. But should it?

Here is my list of "should's" for the Perfect Woman.

She Should:
1. Let me cook and bake--because I love to.
2. Let me do laundry--because I don't mind it.
3. Let me clean the house--except dishes unless there's a dishwasher.
4. Let me give her a massage--because I can.
5. Let me fix computers--because I know how.

And here is my list of "Should not's" for the Perfect Woman.

She Should Not:
1. Tell me my faults--I already know them.
2. Let me put myself down too much--because I will.

Is my Perfect Woman out there?

Yes Definitely. I've found her. And she fits my "should" and "should not" lists-----


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