The Ghost Behind my Eyes  

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8/8/2005 12:11 pm

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The Ghost Behind my Eyes

I Dreamed of her again last night

My darling Angel,

The ghost behind my eyes

Oh, how she loves to torment my senses

She knows I long for her touch,

Yet she is so far away

I must be content with my dreams

so out of reach is she

Oh, but were she to stand before me

With golden locks and sapphire eyes

I would embrace Malady and bow my head

Down on my knees I would go,

And kiss the toe of her slipper

And press my forehead to the floor

Chest tucked in and bottom up

Awaiting my punishment for such a bold move

For to touch Malady with out instruction

Is indeed a bold move

My nakedness excites me

Such a vulnerable position

What game will she play with me tonight ,

I wonder

I long to brush her golden tresses till it shines like the sun

I want to undress her slowly and bathe her body in oil

If only she were to command me. Sigh

I would crawl on my knees to fetch with my teeth

I steal glances, hoping to get caught

Just to feel the touch of her hand and the sting of her wrath

Against my buttocks

Her punishment is but sweet torture to me.

Pinching my nipples and applying clamps with a thin golden chain

That she weaves down ward toward my belly and attaches to my swollen clit

Out through the crack of my cheeks

Then out to walk through the garden we go

If I don't keep a steady pace, she tugs on the chain

Sending a tingling sensation shooting through my swollen nipples

And electrifying my sex

I ache for her command

We stop in the garden and she produces a ball

And a riding crop from the folds of her robe.

Instructing me to push the ball with my nose

As we walked the path through to the garden of Eden

I felt so helpless as I knew the destination of that crop

If I disobeyed and strayed to close to the edge or away from the pathway.

She walked behind so she could view by defenseless ,crimson cheeks

And see the glistening moisture gathered at the entrance to my sex

Deep in thought was I and eager to please,

I ran in my cat like crouch ,pushing this ball

Daring that it not stray, as it rolled ahead of me and off the beaten path

My Lady promptly drew back on my reigns giving a tremendous

Pull on my nipples and clit as the claps were firmly placed

Down came the leather crop against my tender bottom

Down again as it smacked at my sex

Causing more of my nectar to pool and run down my legs

My Lady urged me over to a nearby bench and pulled me to her lap

The tears were sliding down my cheeks and she kissed each salty drop

With her lips and brought her mouth to my own

Parting them with her tongue, her fingers pulling at my swollen nipples

My legs squeezed shut so as not to soil her gown and bring more punishment to me

It was too late as she discovered her gown was wet

She pushed me off her lap and again came the crop

I was astonished as it struck my bottom with so much strength

Surprised at the stinging , and the fire burning between my thighs

I needed release and licked my lips

My Lady saw this and chastised me for it

She pulled up her gown showing me her curls embedded between her legs

And urged me forward, I was to clean out her hole and parted her nether folds

With my tongue. Suckling her rose bud and stabbing at her most sacred space

She wrapped her fist and pulled my hair, sending pain through out my body

Burying my head in her sweet smelling garden, lapping at her nectar,

I felt the desire and need for my own release as she thrust her hips forward

I dare not touch my self, for to do so with out permission would cause more punishment

My Lady threw her head back as her orgasm climaxed

Finally she called for her guard and had me led away

I found myself in her room, chained to her bed post

Spread so wide my arms and legs ached

And still my passion oozed from my legs

She entered and again took up her crop and lashed at my breast,

First one and the other, tugging at my clamps all the while her frantic beating continued

She whipped at my sex, causing me to writhe in pain and pleasure, moans escaping my lips

I needed her, and thrust my hips upward as the lash came down on my pubes

Then she came to a stop , a wicked smile across her lips lighting up her eyes

She stuck her tongue out and darted forward, AAhhhhhhhh

She devoured my juices, lapping at my forbidden fruit

Sending shock waves through my body, as I thrashed at my restraints

Biting my lower lip to keep from crying out

Oh, that would be an insult to her

It would stop what she was doing and invite the crop or the paddle again

As I was about to cum, she reared back and proceeded to deny my release

Laughter followed as I fought the urge to scream, she pinched my vulva and placed a clamp

This was so Unfair, I thought

And pulled at my straps, desiring to rip the clamp free and insert a finger

I desperately needed to touch my self.

My eyes gaped and a throb escaped my throat

This enraged my Lady and she called for her guard

Promptly my bondage was undone and found me hanging

From a hook in the ceiling and again, the lashing at my backside

I hung my head in obedience as the tears washed down my cheeks

She undressed before my eyes and lay upon the bed

Spreading her legs she called her guard over to her

He immediately kneeled and began to pull at her sex

Exposing her lips and the moisture gathered there

It hurt me to see her climax, as I hung suspended from the ceiling.

I was denied my own wanton desires

When I awoke, it was in my own bed and I called for you

This ghost behind my eyes

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