Using The Other 90% of Your Brain, Dreams, Subliminal Propaganda  

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Using The Other 90% of Your Brain, Dreams, Subliminal Propaganda

I always talk about the duality of all things in the Universe and how everything is interconnected, etc. The brain is also divided into two sections. Einstein once said that we only use about 9% of our brains. He was referring to the fact that all humans have two sections of the brain the consciousness and the subconciousness. The conscious is what everybody uses and thus know how to use, “though not that good,” but it only encompasses the 9-10% that he was referring too. In short, the Conscious is what you use everyday to do things which most would say requires thinking! The Subconscious is extremely bigger, more powerful, but slower, and mostly automatic. This section of the brain incorporates 90-91% of the rest of our brain.

In simple terms if I say "two slices of bread, ham, lettuce, tomato, bacon" you already have a fair good idea of what I am going to make/eat even without me actually saying the word!

This is like cramming for tests etc. Basically study/education is design to put information that I just “consciously acquired” into long-term subconscious memory.

The words "two slices of bread, ham, lettuce, tomato, bacon" were taken in by the conscious portion of your brain through one of the 5 senses. The subconscious knows that these are the components of a sandwich and thus voila the word sandwich jumps from subconscious to conscious memory! This is how subliminal propaganda works!

The subconscious is always working even when we are sleeping. It is responsible for most of the automatic functions of our bodies and thus what are called reflexes.

While we are sleeping many of us have our subconscious mind processing information that we were unaware that it was collecting through out the day but it was. People who are having problems, major issues, and thus have lots of stress who can’t think straight or can’t get a good night sleep might be able to understand what people with Asperger Syndrome go through almost every day. People with Asperger Syndrome suffer from and thus they have a much better understanding of this for their Subconscious continues to process information and transferring it to the consciousness at a little slower rate than us normal people and thus at the end of the day their conscious might just be receiving the big picture/ understanding what the gesture of blowing a kiss and a hug meant; thus because of all this mental activity, they can’t fall asleep that easy/right away.

Sometimes all the information that the subconscious collected is not process completely so we don’t have an answer to what happened in the day or what we need to do to resolve issues. Still the subconscious is always working even when we are sleeping and this information is little by little pieced together and then “transferred” more toward the conscious part of our brain. When this happens we say that we were dreaming or having nightmares. Nightmares and Dreams are the brain’s way of telling or giving information that was pieced together at a very deep but slower mental level. It does not necessary mean that things will happened a certain way but are sometimes meant more as warnings (nightmares) and as maybe one of several possibilities from of deepest desires (fantasy-dreams).


This is how long-term (slow gradual-time creep) and short-term (immediate-fast-shocking Trauma) affect the SOUL (i.e. the Mind-Body-Spirit) of man.

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Very interesting.

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