The Whole; The Integrated Super-System; To Infinity and Beyond!  

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The Whole; The Integrated Super-System; To Infinity and Beyond!

The whole/the universe is the integrated super-system infinite in all directions and composed from individual subsystems which they themselves upon other subsystems; the whole is infinite layers deep but which can ultimately be decomposed into very simple components! These components are the building blocks which are at the foundation of everything!

At every level there is duality (ying-yang) in everything of the universe: microcosm/macrocosm, matter/antimatter, light/darkness, man/women, pessimist/optimists, one that is but should not is good/evil! One's own existence is the result from two previous extreme/opposing choices with infinite shades of gray, in the present you are now making the decision again, and from now to eternity the future will also present itself with having to decide between the two opposite choices and all the in between shades of gray!

The Laws of God are and should always be in balance with each other and are applicable to the microcosms as are to the macrocosms. Just as the Earth rotates on its axis and revolves around a central entity/Sun, so too does the Solar System rotate at its center (the sun) and revolve around the Milky Way, so too does an electron rotate on its axis and revolve around the central entity/ the proton.

Butter Fly Effect: The smallest interference to the smallest unit could potentially have the greatest impact on the whole Universe! Best example nuclear reaction.

A certain “being” (Homo Diabolique Parasiticus /666) have formed and will always seek to form factions to disrupt and/or manipulate the Laws of God for their own selfishness. They are a minority but which over time can stealthily creep into the highest levels of democracy seeking to covertly restrict, oppress, and undermine the God’s greatest creations!

First learn to think objectively (ying-yang/ Tao mentally i.e. both logically and holistically) to be a natural systems thinker thus learn to see the world as it is through dualistic perspectives: man/woman, black-white, good-evil, Bible/occult, magic/mysticism, lawyers/attorneys, or even something as simple as how both pessimist and optimists see when reading this selection.

1) Do the greater good,
2) Seek the lesser of two evils,
3) Know/think like the wolf but be like the lamb; “wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (Christ, Buddha, Mohamed, Krishna, + select few, thus be saviors /Christlike to children of God i.e. imitate the Ascended Masters),
4) Know both but avoid either extreme (Ying-yang/Tao, Immanuel Kant); The Middle Path is that one which leads us to Perfection (Buddha)

Above all Love & love all like there is no tomorrow!

Aristotle: "Know Thyself"

I say: Know thyself Best/1st, your partner 2nd, all grieve stems from how you two interact when under worst conditions...if you master this, the world doesn't stand a chance!

Love is the key.


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1/25/2006 10:55 pm

Wow...such depth of intelligence to go with such stunning beauty...and your 23??? What planet did you say you're from..? No wonder you have so few comments....your writings are simply jaw-dropping!!


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