The Root of All Evil: Diseases  

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The Root of All Evil: Diseases

There are the only three sources of all pain and suffering: The “Diseases” of every human being resulting from the damage and “poisoning” of the Mind Body and Soul. The greatest comes from MIND-BODY-SOUL loss of another human.

All these can potentially start domino effect through atrophy or shock from first one then another of different crucial components within either the physical body, the mental “being”, or spiritual “being” that then transfer sequentially or simultaneously from one “being” to the other two. The term psychosomatic partially explains some.

A} Extremes of Starvation/improper nutrition and Asphyxiation/oxygen to break down nutrients
B} Extremes of Hydration bloatedness and lack of water to regulate body temperature or move nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and waste leading to toxicity.
C} Extremes of Excess Hygiene leading to undeveloped immunities and mostly Improper Hygiene thus introduction into the human body of mostly parasitic microbes that also seek their survival at least expense; potentially also through sex thus LUST.
D} Small to large cuts, loss of limbs, and damage to any other portion of physical bodily structure leading to small or extreme infections by the introduction of microbes.
E} Extremes of Activity SLOTH/atrophy through nonuse of biological systems; this could be a byproduct resulting from AVARICE (greed) thus making one think there is no need to work. Gradual-chin splits or Shock/Trauma- broken bones, muscles, organs, etc
F} Extreme of Fatigue, overworking, without proper nutrients and food/energy to allow time for self repair of the body.
G} Extreme of Overindulgence/ GLUTTONY- introduction of radical substances/drugs that affect any of the crucial biological systems: seeds (appendicitis); fat (obesity); alcohol (cirrhosis); polluted air/smoking (lungs become like dirty filters that can’t be changed); simple sugars (cheap glucose energy thus over-exercise of the liver leading to diabetes); -> CANCER

*Specialties/ Compounds: alcohol and drug/psychotropic substances are both physical addictive radicals that also affect sound judge thus compound problems.

A} Invincible Mental Oppression: withholding knowledge, burning books, CIA style psychological lies (half-truths)/Occult, man-made unGODly laws.
B} Extremes of slow INDOCTRINATION and fast TRAUMA: Splintering of the mind, aneurisms, and seizures!
C} Extremes of Thoughts (Mental SLOTH or Hyperactivity) atrophy or “frying” neuro-circuitry
D} Extremes of Emotions* (lack of and excess/ ANGER or WRATH

A} Invincible Spiritual Oppression: withholding God, creating and worshiping false gods (idolizing men, national flags, money, or any other inanimate objects), man-made unGODly laws.
B} Extremes of slow INDOCTRINATION and fast TRAUMA: Splintering of the Soul, Heart-attacks!
C} Extremes of Desires: Thoughts Words Action (Sadist Goodwill/No Self love or Masochist Evil)
D} Extremes of Emotions* (lack of and excess/ANGER or WRATH)

*Combine Invincible Mental/Spiritual Oppression are commonly known as “demonic possession” which either unintentionally to self or by Men imposing on others which are against normal human urges and thus the Laws of God! Physical oppression was commonly known as slavery; now as 1984/Orwellian Police State i.e. one unname country, initials U.S., has highest percentage of it population incarcerated!

It is through deep Devine true understanding of the Trinity: the duality of the Universe, the Laws of GOD, and seeking, knowing, and following the “Middle Path” between that which leads to Harmony and Peace, is how Jesus was able to save so many physically, mentally, and spiritually i.e. conducting exorcisms on the oppressed. One unnamed religion headquartered in Rome currently states that they can only conduct spiritual healing! Can anyone enlighten me about what the Bible says about the False Prophet or what is means when The Scriptures also tells us that Satan and his ministers actually "transform themselves" into angels of light, apostles of Christ and ministers of righteousness...?


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