The Aryan Race: God's Chosen People  

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The Aryan Race: God's Chosen People

In Perspective: Numbers, Sacred Geometry, 7th Heaven, The Light of The World, The Aryan Race.

ONE GOD/Universe;

TWO Duality of All /Tao/ying-yang;

THREE Know duality but try to follow the third/ middle path of Christ/All Saviors, Trinity in sign of the cross to remind us of the ultimate price paid for us on the cross through the trinity (father, son, and the holy ghost BUT also meaning mind body soul)
1. Body (Mohammed: Spiritually- physical i.e. military leader as well)
2. Mind (Buddha: Spiritually-logical)
3. Soul (Jesus/ Spiritually-spiritual i.e. of the Heart Pure love)
(These and Krishna most famous but so many others who deserve mentioning)

FOUR Not sure but so far four elements, four cardinal points, and other aspects of the physical world [need to add some other stuff later]

FIVE 5 physical senses of man/ physical foundation for men to ascend/descend i.e pentagram/inverted pentagram)

SIX 6th Sense, 6th Chakra (known as 3rd eye/intuition) Six points in the Star of David= As Above So Below= Duality in Trinity of mind body soul forming triangle pointing up or descending down.

SEVEN "sacredcenters chakras" Very few will ever see or reach Seventh Heaven. Still the path has been travel by so many (Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, to name just few and all saviors/Christs to their people) and from duality: The 7 levels of man’s (physical, mental, & spiritual) ascension in a positive form (as above versus so below [i.e. descending through over indulgences/ vices /deadly sins] which is why and how man are clueless-ly stuck in mostly the physical world by intentional deception by the evil nature of a few greedy powerful oppressive men. The worst of these over indulgences/ vices /deadly sins are best explained in Dante’s Devine Comedy: The Inferno). Even Elvis's 1969 song "Suspicious Minds" that also hints at Shakespeare’s "As You Like It" that "all the world's a stage" and each man plays many parts throughout his lifetime…i.e. Seven Ages of Man.

"The 3 (spirit, mind, soul) descend into the 4 (the world), the sum being the 7, or the mystic nature of man, consisting of a threefold spiritual body and a fourfold material form. These are symbolized by the cube, which has six surfaces and a mysterious seventh point within..." Manly P. Hall

GOD want us to know this by heart, by mind, by everything so that why it is incorporated into such much of over everyday experience from as far back as "The 7 days of the week, the 7 sabbatical years, the 7 years of famine, the 7 years of plenty, the 7 years occupied in the building of King Solomon's Temple, and especially the 7 liberal arts and sciences."

EIGHT Transcend/ Rebirth/ Ascension thus the number of Christ 888 versus man 666; Buddha 8 Fold Path)

TEN Qabalah/ Kabala

Too extensive to explain in one short paragraph but ancient esoteric knowledge consisting ten sephiroth/essences referring to ten archetypal aspects of Human nature which are organized into three vertical pillars and into three horizontal triads that can bridge, and/or guide men through twenty-two paths as they connect to all adjacent sefirot. These paths are identified by each of the twenty-two Hebrew letters and sometimes correspond/incorporated with the Tarot. Due to duality of the cosmos it can be, in the hands of evil man be used for evil, while for divine purpose in the hand of wise men.


You know those little bright halos/auras depicted in all those religious figures painting etc. That’s because those individuals were enlightened (Endowed with wisdom/ intrinsic truth). They had the light of God within them. So in a way when one becomes enlightened is like becoming close to or sometimes even one with God. Basically this happens when in essence one's body, mind, and soul/spirit become one. Becoming one with God is becoming MASTER of all: BODY (maneuvering/controlling the physical world), MIND (moving physical objects by thoughts/words), SOUL (transfer your spirit to inanimate objects, paper, music), EMOTIONS (ultimate Altruism and also desensitize to pain i.e. able to resist extreme torture as Jesus by astral project thus mind and spirit temporarily leave the body), KARMA (mere presence brings extreme happiness), and DESTINY (Only God directs their destiny).

Due to their highly SPIRITUAL nature, that which is even more evolved than the INTELLECTUAL manifestation of men, illuminated beings have been persecuted and/or killed especially the first-borns for centuries. Matthew 2:16 “Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently enquired of the wise men.” For these reasons these people or parents of these children have always sought refuge in the most secluded areas or highest parts of the world.

A} The whole/the universe is the integrated super-system infinite in all directions and composed from individual subsystems which they themselves upon other subsystems; the whole is infinite layers deep but which can ultimately be decomposed into very simple components! These components are the building blocks which are at the foundation of everything!

B} One of direction of the integrated universe (and thus all the branches from the tree of knowledge) is the convergence of All into One - GOD in all it’s manifestations. Everything in the universe is related and connected for all is of GOD…

When people follow the path and transcend past the 7th Levels whether it be the avoiding physical overindulgences based on Dante’s Inferno, logically based on Buddha or Maslow’s interpretation, or spiritually through understanding Jesus and/or the Hindu Seven Chakras (7th being indigo/violet) they become/are so illuminated and can reach Christ like status, thus they are the lights of the world. They are in a sense Beings of Light/ pure energy, and many times are referred to as Bright White Light.

The highest concentration of these individuals exists in the Eastern hemisphere and especially in Asia and India, among them (as a society) the Tibetan monks understand the path better than most. This is why they are able to sense/seek out children that due to their genetics/neurology naturally follow the path. “More than 6,000 monasteries, temples and cultural centers have been destroyed since the Tibet uprising in 1959 which forced the Dalai Lama and 80,000 Tibetans to flee their homeland.”

The burning of candles is but symbolism to remind everybody that they who have and keeps GOD in their heart already has a small light burning deep within them and this light when they become illuminated can reach infinite intensity. The Light can be so bright that people who see GOD become illuminated and thus they are considered White! This is what was said of Moses, that his face was glowing white when he returned from seeing GOD within the burning bush. They are the Ascended Masters/Lords/Saviors and their light burn so strong and so bright that the light within anyone and everyone that comes into contact physically, mentally, or spiritually intensifies and shines brighter.

These illuminated beings are what Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (founder of the Theosophical Society) in The Secret Doctrine was referring to when she was talking about the Aryan White Race. That the Aryan Race is destined to inherit the Earth for this is GOD ultimate plan! The Aryan Race does not mean a certain type of skin or eye color or genetic subgroup. The Aryan race has existed at least in genetic code within the inhabitants of Earth since Adam and Eve were alive. It is partly the genetic blueprint/map placed by GOD himself for returning to paradise and ascension into heaven. It has been encoded into the very existence of every human being but most don’t know how to unleash the secrets/intensity and all other until GOD commands. Still every now and then HE allows what most would consider miracle as a reminder to us. Even Hitler originally might have had good intensions through socialism etc but let himself be led astray thus true meaning of the Aryan Race was intentionally taken out of context by those who were assisting/manipulating him for their own and Satan’s evil agenda! They are Homo Diabolique-Parasiticus (666), men/people of darkness for the light within them has burned out or extinguish through extreme sociopathological slow time-creeping conditioning/indoctrination and fast-shocking trauma.

GOD knows Satan seeks an agenda of destruction and that he is desperately recruiting men/women, Homo Diabolique-Parasiticus (666), to do his evil and that among these one will back stab, claw, murder, and/or do whatever it takes to those above him to reach the status of Destroyer/Tyrant/ Anti-Christ. While the Anti-Christ and his followers are clawing their way to the top, they all know, fear, and thus don’t want GOD’s children and especially those that GOD commands to do his greatest work to grow to maturity and fulfill what is required of them. This is why so many have been martyred yet.

GOD’s greatest gifts to all of humanity are hidden/ encoded within the smallest pieces of genetic strands far away and undetectable to evil. Thus some children of immeasurable wisdom have divine genetic guidance that unbeknown to them allows them to sense the Duality of the Universe (the two extremes) and “force” them to follow the “Middle Path” so that they can blend in with the norm thus hide from evil men. They will go through life as normal men and women (though mostly men) not knowing this what their purpose is though occasionally their LIGHT will shine through and others will see/know this. They themselves will not know it until they are ready and then God will reveal Himself to them and what is required of them. For this it is written that “He will come as a thief in the night!” Still people who have reached a high enough level within the Path can see or sense them for it is written that “it takes one, to know one” and also that “it takes a thief to catch a thief.” Buddhist go throughout the world seeking these individuals while the are still young.

These individual can reach status of the Ascended Masters/Lords/Saviors and their light burn so strong and so bright that the light within anyone and everyone that comes into contact physically, mentally, or spiritually intensifies and shines brighter. Like a chain reaction then those individuals will then intensify the light of others for from this Light the Light of the Fire of Truth will spread across the land. The majority of God’s Children will mature physically, mentally, and spiritually and they will know that GOD has not forgotten them. Those that are chosen will know it and they will help carry out GOD’s plan for their brothers and sisters and the rest of His children. People will know that the time of deliverance is near and the Last Judgment for those who have oppressed HIS children will bear the wrath.


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Thats some deep stuff Andrea...just curious..what do you do for work..? and how long does an average post take you? As you dont ever respond to posts on your can safely assume these are rhetorical questions..


rm_AndreaNiky 34F

2/9/2006 7:31 am

I don't have a job (so kind of broke) because I need to use my Social Security number to get a job but in doing so, as soon as I do that they will know exactly where I am and will most likely come after me once I write/expose the really dark nasty stuff (Still I am not afraid)!

This is after the first two letters I sent to the Pentagon that most likely send giant shockwaves up and down the ranks and beyond to other individuals that most don't even know exist! "They" can still use the internet to track me but oh well (I have some more surprises for them), plus they know that they don't have anything on me so they are defenseless (according to the U.S. Constitution) though can resort to "other means" plus they are also afraid of how I think so don't know what or how I will react (they can't predict this). I believe that I have an IQ of at least 160 plus have what is called ESP as well though just found out recently so still learning/ developing these skills.

The stuff I post takes me a few hours to write because I have to find the right words to explain it but in my mind I have the basic building blocks so the information already there. On any topic I would just need someone to give me a few little bits of information and from that I could also immediately explain stuff. You could say that my mind has the information but being able to explain it to people in the best "words that already exist" and thus that most understand requires a little research.

The first place I go to do the research is the Bible.

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Wow, a hot, sexy, mind-altering chick smarter than only 148...who rebels against "The Institution", we have got to meet some'll bring the fake I.D.'s


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Can you explain love? I love to talk about staff that you write about, but latter some fillings caching me that it's not enough.... May be you have found that
Hare Krishna

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4/4/2006 7:51 pm

Interesting rhetoric, still iam a little confused, this is what u have come up with it the society in which u were erected( i figured this is AdultFriendFinder so we should use different dicktion but what about the one thing that everyone forgets, the uncertain(the unknown) this idea is all good but it's based on faith which equals believability which means the more faith the more one believes which is dangerous! It can also be applied to governments, the last time i checked the bible was written by human kind, man has been responsible for everything (the good, the bad, the yin, the yang). My iq is nowhere near the size of ur test but somehow i now what is right or wrong inherently, and don't need a book to tell me, but understand the need for one. I guess my point is don't forget about what u don't know and keep a open mind in all situations and try ad see both sides. what is war but the breakdown of someone Else's careful of to much faith.
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