Subliminal Brainwashing, Migraine Headaches, Mental Health & How All Man Pay the Ultimately Price  

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Subliminal Brainwashing, Migraine Headaches, Mental Health & How All Man Pay the Ultimately Price

The Incredible Edible Egg

An egg consists of the clear white and the thicker yellow yolk. These contents of an egg can be cooked very slowly by merely being left on any surface out in direct sunlight.

Water starts to boils due to the accumulation of heat at the bottom that eventually surface to the top in the form of hundreds of tiny air bubbles. These bubbles are concentrations of hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O2) that result from the breaking of the covalent bonds in the H2O molecules.

Similarly when an egg slowly starts to cook, heat starts to accumulate extremely slowly and every now and then a tiny air bubble slowly develops and slowly breaks to the surface. The evidence is seen as tiny craters on the top surface of a sunny side up egg where the air bubble /heat pocket produce significant tension as it tried to escape thus burst the surface. This is seen more prevalent around the other edges of the egg white where the thickness of the egg is thinner and thus heat is more easily able to accumulate and raise up.

Ok the basics- familiar how some types of psychological traumas are usually associated with hyper activity (extreme thinking) and how headaches are due to extreme thinking when studying for a major test. In psychology we have what is normally referred to fight or flight. Similarly slow gradual indoctrination commonly referred to brainwashing consists of so many almost unnoticeable psychological lies that kind of makes sense at face value (to the conscious mind). However the subconscious mind is a much more powerful analytic computer and over time it either starts to put pieces together & realizes what is going on/solves the problem (i.e. fight) or breaks down when it cannot (i.e. flight).

Everyone who has been lied to and eventually came to a realization of what or how it truly happened has felt and knows what I am talking about and it was because your brain kept “fighting” until it figured out/exposed the lie. But does anyone knows/feels what happens when it keeps trying to fight but can not figure it out.

Revelations: As part of any indoctrination, psychological lies are received/accepted almost immediately by the conscious mind at face value but the subconscious does not necessarily accept anything. From the moment it receives any information it begins to analyze this, compare it, and connect it to every other piece of information ever store in the brain for it should logically connect seamlessly. If this information truly fits logically with some “bigger picture,” that information can then also be retrieved by one of many ways such as through association with how it relates to the big picture. If it cannot connect this information to anything or if there is any inconsistencies/conflicting thoughts, the subconscious mind will be consistently processing and analyzing all the pieces trying to make head or tails of this. This is similar to the slow gradual cooking of the egg white. When extreme and constant “heat” tension build up over time in the subconscious mind, every now and then similarly just as an air bubble/heat pocket, one is release very slowly which accounts for the time cycle of when migraine occur. In short, the amount of hyper activity, tension, and stress build affects the frequency and period of a migraine headache. Psychological indoctrination coupled with emotional stress makes the process more intense.

Basically slow cooking of the mind results in migraine headaches in mainly some female brains because of the constant psychological indoctrination process use on women. The psychological indoctrination does not take effect until after the adolescent years because this is the time when the subconscious female mind becomes “an adult” according to the laws of nature and her reproductive system start to have a say in her life. Psychological lies/ misinformation is already out there in society from the time a boy or a girl is born.

In one way you could say that we are born into a mystical “illusional” world that has existed for centuries under the false classification as “civilization.” However these lies do not start to take effect until the human body starts to crave the opposite sex due to the hormones produced during puberty. This is the time when over bodies awakens to the sexual urges and the deep simple joys that are the enticements necessary for procreation. Sexual activity does not cause migraines, but mental anguish/headaches can be a side effect caused by extreme emotional stress, as is the case when a female is sexually assaulted/ . Husbands and boyfriends normally don’t fall and should not be classified into this category! One reason is because sexual teasing/withholding by some females is a natural instinct to incite/excite males into higher levels of sexual passion as it increases the sexual satisfaction of these females who seek it. Sex is a basic natural necessity that does wonders to the human body! This is the main reason why everybody remembers their childhood and the early teenage years as the happiest. As one starts to age, the psychological lies start to take tolls on our minds. This is explains why you hardly see older/wiser people happy most of the time. Ignorance is bliss!

Still Sex is great! Unlike alcohol, it gets rid of stress as it makes us forget about most our troubles without a hangover! I rather be addicted to sex (sexaholic) than an alcoholic. Why do you think the Roman’s had so many orgies!

Psychological indoctrination coupled with emotional exploitation has been used on “civilized” females /the weaker logical vessel for thousands of years by the governing elite principalities to control males which are the stronger sex. This also explains why mainly women get migraine headaches and why also some individuals have migraines and others do not. A large percentage of the females that do get them are because neurologically they are unable to piece the information together to distinguish lies form truth and thus are more prone to flight.

Similarly intense emotional mental affect males, and to a smaller extent in females as well, but stress manifests itself as hair loss or the early graying of it.

Just like the Porn industries, the pharmaceutical corporations working hand in hand with the “corrupt factions” within most national governments make billions of dollars selling “drugs” to people who are afflicted. These drugs do not stop the headaches from forming though just hide the symptoms/pain by blocking the entrance of electro-neurochemicals from entering the neuron receptors.

It is similar to your car’s engine light coming on due to some impending failure but instead of fixing the engine you disconnect the light!

The world’s governments pass laws that affect the type of education that is given to the public. Sadly here in the U.S. the American People is paying billions in tax to pay for the education of their children but in reality the educational system is mostly being used to brainwash thus assists with the oppression of the American People. This is done through gradual indoctrination which sometimes backfires and thus is why most riots usually start at major universities. All that brainpower in such a compact location creates a natural vibrant and powerful think-tank. This might explain why the U.S. exports many “professors” to so many foreign countries.

Migraine are mentioned in the Bible but misinterpreted by most people in modern translations. The clues to these are:

(A) The exorcisms conducted by Jesus on possessed people. These possessed individual were basically being afflicted by psychologically trauma (psychological lies producing hyper activity) that was producing forms of MPD (multiple personalities disorders).

( The anointing of the head with oils to reduce the pain that is comparable/similar to modern day natural remedies such as:

1. Taking a bath/shower. Alternate hot and cold wet cloths and massage where the pain is on the head, forehead, or back of the neck to gradually and slowly release tension build up.

2. Lying down to rest in a dark quiet room avoiding sources of stress and bright or flashing light.

3. Drinking water or natural juice, especially tomato juice.

4. Relieving hunger, which can make things worst.

All it takes is Spiritual Healing by accepting and following Jesus Christ ways: True peace is the peace of God which comes from Jesus, the Prince of Peace ... The secret of Jesus’ peace was His full obedience to the will of the Father.

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