ESP: Parapsychology, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Precognition, Mind Reading, Prophecy  

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ESP: Parapsychology, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Precognition, Mind Reading, Prophecy

I know that two people can be so compatible though it might be funny in a way for some of you who are still too young to fully comprehend all and to realize how compatible we all can be. Still people change as well with time so what else can I say. Still I want to love YOU (whoever you are) so much but I should not, you are beautiful and young, and your parents worked so hard for it and you do deserve the best. I/ me hmmm what can I say… I Should, should I just let you grow up at your pace with out interfering even if it means having to just sit back, bite my tongue, and let you stumble or trip on all the obstacles that evil men have position for all of humanity!/? Many times I ask myself if this is what God really wants?? I know that it is human reflexes/urges that drive the dark side of human nature. The competitiveness that should disappear within a few years after one reaches puberty but many don’t and thus their vices develop to horrendous/evil magnitudes! Part of me just wants to shelter YOU (?) from all that foreseeable pain!

I don’t want to fall in love and don’t want you to get hurt. Not that I will hurt you or want to hurt you but love is hard and so painful because the world makes it so. Not all the world but evil man's laws and subliminal psychological brainwashing that is destroying so many families and that maybe even destroyed your parents. I dread that it is not over for most people who are still struggling for their weakness has been found. This is why I have dedicated part of my life to preserving love but so many evil people/agencies against me.


I can feel the subtle vibes with my 5 senses (so subtle but I can sense them). This must be what is referred to ESP, also called parapsychology, paranormal, metaphysical, and the most common one in a way the spiritual, etc. I know everyone has some of the capabilities too though they just have not realized it yet and-or maybe not fully developed them and neither have I. Still mine are developed enough and it takes one who has it to know who is capable of developing the same skills...I say skills because this is exactly what it is...i.e. a higher level functioning of the brain.

How does it work?

Well I am sure that you understand how a magnetic needle on a compass works. Basically there are extreme hot lava currents at the earth core because the core also has lots of iron metals in it and due to gravitational and other forces acting on it. Since practically the whole universe is dualistic in nature, electrons and protons interact and are able to align themselves because they are free to move within the melted core. As the differently charge particles polarize (shift to opposite sides) to the north and south end of the core, the alignment and the lava movement then generates magnetic fields going from North to South etc. A needle that is magnetize at one end can then be used to detect which direction north is because the magnetized end will tend to seek and align itself according to the Earth’s magnetic feel. When the needle is aligned there is less magnetic resistance between the needle and the magnetic fields! This is like the way a wind vane works or a canoe effortlessly flowing down a river.

Similarly, the human brain has what are called neuro-chemicals that produce and send millions of tiny electric currents all through out the human body. Each human being can then generate a unique brainwave patterns that changes with each of their thoughts, actions, and-or words. Well common sense tells us that if the brain is able to produce this faint electrical signal, it should therefore also be able to detect them. This is actually one form of ESP. Some humans have develop very powerful brains and the ability to detect the faintest electrical signals of another human being, animals, or even inanimate objects.

Partly From Another Section:
Still the brain is composed of five major sections, one for each of the five senses. From mathematics we get the branches of Permutations and Combinations. We have 5 senses that can be arranged/combined as to which one or which ones have the most impact on the mental (both logical and holistic) development of the individual. Whichever sense(s) evolves to be the strongest will lead us to seek better understanding in that area. Still we should pursue development of all these senses to their full potential to be truly gifted.

ESP sound/Audio- Music Mozart, etc
ESP sight/visual- Picasso, etc
ESP touch/physical- Endurance athletes
ESP taste- World chefs
ESP smell- perfume or pheromones maker


There are many different ways to develop these. Another quick but very dangerous way to obtain these gifts is when one becomes enlightened. These individuals start combining/using many senses (not just the 5 traditional ones and at all the 7 levels of human existence) in an unknown and maybe infinite possibilities thus then they too reach much higher spiritual/wisdom levels. It is at these levels that the unexplainable higher functions that transcend normal human abilities are awaken: intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition- i.e. ESP, mind reading, prophecy, Telekinetics, and many other abilities to know/see/sense beyond the limits of our senses. It is perhaps then that this is why these higher spiritual energy levels can only be sensed/seen by a Kirlian photograph that kind of generates an image with an aurora glow around the person photographed.

A very sad one is:
Empath: A person who has the ability to sense and/or understand emotions from another person or animal, which includes stimulation to any or all of the five senses, as well as the sixth sense, without being verbally informed and/or without palpable visual clues. Many empaths are able to tune into people in places far away from them

It is very likely that all the ascended masters (Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, and Krishna, etc) were illuminated/given this gifts at a very high level which is why they were able to piece all kinds of information available to them and thus expose the most evil men at the highest levels of government corruption.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Note/Update on the: ESP: Parapsychology, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Precognition, Mind Reading, Prophecy

A lot of people have commented about this piece on this and on many other sites for they might have some interest for whatever reasons but might not understand the severe implications of all this. For that, I think it is better to prepare you for the Day of Deliverance and the Last Judgment i.e. End of Days for some, this time which is extremely close!

In Ancient times the spiritual and Psychics were people that had these abilities except spiritual people used them for good while the "psychics of old" used them for evil! The saying goes and many people know that evil looses it power/gifts when brought into the light (exposed) or through Love. Through Love is somewhat seen/explained in the James Bond Movie about the Tarot Card Reader-- Live and Let Die (1973)

Most importantly the average person does not have or will not posses these skills/gifts with out taking the "Middle Path" These gifts are that-- very special gifts that if you are not born with them, they will only be bestowed upon you under certain circumstances and people that do get them have to go through a certain progression up the Middle Path!

God's Chosen People: The Ascension of the Aryan Race (Have not posted it but this describes in more detail "The Middle Path!" Aryan is not what most of you might be thinking)

Still these gifts are not for the weak-minded, spiritually weak, or physically weak as well. If you were not meant to have them you, you will not! You have to be a very strong individual and conjuring or any other form of obtaining them is very dangerous! To his children, God will not give you more than you can handle. Trying to find ways to force these, much like the CIA and military are doing, through hypnosis, psychological trauma, and drugs is extremely dangerous! These are not the Gifts of God, from God, by God! They are not gifts and thus they will hurt you or destroy you...i.e. they will just "fry your brains" and you are going to be probably quite mentally messed up for the rest of your life! This is the reason why there are so many sociopaths working out of the Pentagon and in the CIA and thus this is why this country is in the condition it is in!!!

Most of God's Children can obtain them but "evil people" want to expose you to psychological extremes before your time...this WILL hurt you! At least 1 out of 5 woman already suffers from mild depression. These NIH statistics does not include the other more extreme forms of mental health issues! Many men are starting to or have committed suicide! The information in the selections below can prepare most for harsh time... for to receive these Gifts you have to be strong in MIND-BODY-SOUL.

God's Chosen People: The Ascension of the Aryan Race
The Aryan Race: God's Chosen People

The Root of All Evil: Diseases

Progression Teen
For Everything There Is A Season, Especially For Wild Teenage Girls

This Piece Can Spare Most of Undue Suffering Yet So Few Taken the Time to Read it.

Time-Creep Indoctrination/ Brainwashing
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