Anyone Interested in Oral Sex??  

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Anyone Interested in Oral Sex??

From Hebrew 13:4 The Marriage Bed is Undefiled

The Laws of GOD never change; just the interpretations of MAN! For all creature were created by GOD look to nature for the answers!

The FOUNDATION is ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN! Though I will say that anything (in the Trinity of Thought, Word, and Action) that is DONE out of the highest forms of Love and Agreed upon (and not necesarily through just words) between a Man and Wife is acceptable! All God-given wives presented to the Groom by the Father of the Bride in front of members of the community is a "WIFE" before GOD! This is the way it was done by Moses and thus this is one reason that there is no record of Jesus being married! That and also for protection of his wife for it would have been much harder to do the things He did if they knew of her and theaten to hurt her!

The Husband is to Love, Cherish, and Protect her. She is to Entrust Herself to her Husband who takes the place of a father, brother, friend, and spouse. This is slightly different than the interpretation of submissive which has been used by brainwashed Feminist and evil men to make all believe this means total control and ownership!


A] Earth (Underworld): Physical/Sexual partners,

B] Middle Path: Mind-Melt/Intellectual partners (Making love to each other's mind using all five senses in a psychosomatic approach)

Psychosomatic Love-Making Sexual above + Seeing and admiring the all the beauty that God created in the Nude Body form; Kiss=Touching / Tasting i.e. caressing every inch of each other's body with every inch of yours; Hearing every “audio” manifestation of your partner (words of love, the internal resonating frequenc(ies), breathing, heartbeat); Smelling the inner and outer scents/pheromones,

When all fives senses are used each partner will develop a conscious and subconsciously intrinsic understanding of his/her partner’s SOUL (All 3 components) plus the brainwave patterns thus these include all working of it and its harmonies and resonating frequencies! God has allowed that all these information taken through the 5 senses and sometimes the 6th sense as well will “invincibly” be stored within each cell and genetically encoded with Amino Acids into those sections of DNA strands which mere medical science can not explain nor justify their existence. Through DNA encoding they will be passed down from spouse to spouse, from parent to offspring, from generation to generation! This is how some spouses can telepathically read brainwaves in the air and tell when a love one is thinking about them, when they are worried, or something good or bad has happened! This is how Love transcends into the Spritual Realm.

C] The Highest Form: Spiritual Love ! Almost unexplainable, won’t try…

Marriage: The legal court proceedings being conducted by most so call “civilized” nations are meant to take away the power of God from the individual and from the most important person who is the Father (/mother) of the Bride so that Governments/Principalities could control marriages and thus use males to raise Armies to conquer other lands thus more Property, Peasants, Soldiers, Taxes. The Words here are GREED, LUST, SLOTH, AVARICE, GLUTTONY, etc. This is part of the history behind the story of Saint Valentine's Day’s.

This is the logic behind the current 80% success rate of CIA style PsyOps developed Freudian Frustration-Aggression US Military Forced Divorce scheme currently in place and responsible for making it look like couples are seeking to divorce each other! This is also responsible for the high Aggression leading to suicide/homicide of Four Wives within Seven Weeks at Fort Bragg, 154 women (males unknown) in Waco, Tex. The incidents in Waco are due partly to its close proximity to Fort Hood, and the CIA regional headquarters located in Waco! Thousands more nationwide!

The Key Is In All Things Done Out Of Love

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This Piece Can Spare Most of Undue Suffering Yet So Few Taken the Time to Read it.

Key To Passionate Love & Marriage: The Starting at the Midpoint- Fastest Way To Heaven and How To Stay There!

But this is how they keep you at the lowest level on the Pyramid of Life.

Whose world do you really live in? We all know 99% in this situation, but is it you, & why?


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