An Age Old Question, Age Old Wisdom: What Do Women Want Most?  

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1/22/2006 3:15 pm

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An Age Old Question, Age Old Wisdom: What Do Women Want Most?

Why do Women especially with their attorneys help seem to enjoy and exploit this situation to some extent?

Not, all but the most clueless simple-minded women are easily misguided plus greed makes it even more appealing to them when try to reap earthly “rewards!” It’s all a very simple Machiavellian Diver and conquered tactics of oppressing both sexes to remain in power. As I stated before, this is referred to as PRS, Problem-Reaction-Solution type schemes (i.e. also normally known as "Controlled Chaos"). Think of these current PRS (Problem-Reaction-Solution... i.e. create chaos-> wait for the mass outcry -> magically come to their rescue). Of course it’s all very subtle. Worst they have developed some of these schemes into MP-PRS (Multi-Purpose PRS) but this is nothing more than a form of 21st Century Mysticism …

Basically the governments make extreme laws to help women (i.e. its just a Machiavellian principle) to side with the weaker sex and empower them to control the stronger sex, the males. Couple that with extreme feminist/brain-washing techniques and voila you have a recipe for disaster/chaos.

Its like telling Eve whoever is the first between you and Adam to eat the apple will have more power. Every Eve (woman) all over the world keeping falling for it and then they both (male and female) get thrown out of paradise. Men loose their kids and their wife while most women loose their finances/homes and husband. Only the corrupt government and its corrupt financial institutions win when the come to take away the house.

Too many women go through their whole existence trying to control the man in their lives. When they have a nice guy who gives them all they want they eventually get bored very easily because they have succeeded in manipulating one male. No more challenge! They are in a way emotionally not being fulfilled.

So then they start looking for something to fill in the void. That is why they are always falling in love with jerks, because they cannot control this type of males! Though when they finally get burned/ emotionally devastated they go looking for nice guys or back to the nice guy that was there for her before.

The Canterbury Tales: Wife of Bath:

The queen told the knight that she would grant his life if he could answer the question "what do women most desire?" An Old woman/ crone told him that women desire to have the sovereignty and to rule over their husbands.

“Although people may portray the Wife of Bath in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales as a victim, she is actually a villain. As the evidence shows, the Wife of Bath is a scoundrel who takes advantage of all of her suitors in scandalous ways and who will lie, cheat, and deceive in order to get what she wants."

Men are logical beings who don't truly understand their emotions very well especially when they are young. Women on the other hand are very emotional thus from birth they start to learn to use/develop their emotional gifts in ways to manipulated the emotionally weaker/ "meaning emotionally naive" males. i.e. "Although physically subservient to man, control man emotionally"

Logical thinking is developed from initially using incremental/ sequential building blocks to form the big picture.

Emotional thinking is developed from initially being able to see the big picture and then trying to understand the subcomponents building blocks.

When fear comes into play emotions allow women to act like a “bright red light and siren” signaling the physically stronger males of impending danger. Like wise males are spared the extreme emotional characteristics so that they can remain calm and collected thus in turn can determined was best needs to be done to ensure both their survival.

When a woman uses this gift by over-reacting and goes crying to her bigger brothers, other family members, and/or the police (much like the Domestic Violence lie is designed to) they are courting and inviting drastic consequences into not only her man’s life but also her. She might not know it but she is setting herself up (or allowing others to) for even greater pains do the road!

Emotions over logic is what the they have been using for centuries to destroy countless of civilizations

God created both male and female to balance each other!

God’s work is never done:

From the very beginning whether it was in Biblical times, Egyptian, Middle Ages, Pre-American Colonialism, etc there has always been some form of mysticism, occult, terror, hidden laws, etc to ensure some form of oppression. Not much has changed in the last 7,000 years as Evil governments continue to use the same old tools. However, now these tools are being more effectively disguised in different ways and more perverse! These tools are, as have always been, Terror/Fear, Psychology/Lies, and "Law" i.e. man-made laws that have to be changed every so many years and become more constrictive so it can continue to oppress a greater majority of God's children. Most of “their” evil ways have been revealed (i.e. prior REVELATIONS) now some of the last few tools easily available to them for mass world wide use are:

1. Terror / fear: Best employed when it is combined with psychology & law, it is like mysticism and the spouses will never see where it all comes from until it is too late!

2. Psychology: Just as Satan lied/ psychologically deceived the weaker vessel Eve promising her that she would be like GOD. Best when combine with terror/fear, Women think that their husbands/boyfriends are violent and that they will be getting a better deal. However, instead of 100% of financial resources available for the entire family, the women/child especially the poorer women still have to find a place to live, pay all their bills/rent, get their own transportation, etc all on merely 20% of a man's salary. They are deceived even further by being offered extremely low paying jobs (at district courts, CPS, police stations, women's advocacy groups, etc) that only help to subjugate and produce the same effect on many other families!

3. Law: (Most Laws but now especially family law). These laws are not in Harmony with GOD's all encompassing laws of nature/ natural inherited law, etc. This is the reason why too many laws don't make sense to most intelligent people and when people begin to become overly educated in any particular law soon realize that these laws actually seem to be passed & always interpreted in a way that hurts most people (the masses). Guess what interpretation is always taken for a certain Minority?

U.S. Family Law

The U.S. Family Law Currently, tells the parents that whoever has possession of children right at the time of issuing/filing Divorce papers, that is the parent that will get parental custody. The traumatize parents who are caught in the deceptive mind games and are thus having family issues both try to hurry up and beat the other spouse to file Divorce paperwork to win/have at least equal access to their children;

However, the courts/Judges will always give the custody of children to the women as is mandated from some higher ups!!! Why?:
[1] It is to ensure that women feel safe to go seek a divorce, as they will always get the children.
[2] As far as men are concern (especially military males as this is the main reason why it was designed like this) they won’t be able to have much say in his child’s life and thus easier to break the paternal ties to the child.
[3] Benefits the military when the divorce male gets killed and no woman in entitled to life-long medical, dental, and financial benefits.
[4] The Hand That Rocks The Cradle is the one that has the greatest influence in any child's life. Children raised by only one parent will be either overly emotional with less logical (by mother) or overly logical but insensitive (by father)! New future recruits when the young males grow up.

Women are the ones that can be easily emotionally exploited (as demonstrated by Original Sin and now as seen by world wide Government sanctioned Domestic Violence laws/ (mass propaganda/terror tactics). Especially through fear and based on the Gatherer (women) - Hunter (men) concept (ore from a physiological feminine weakness), many women see this as it is better to have gatherer more resources now... i.e. to be like GOD with most resources now instead of depending on HIM/GOD or on any man/husband). Similarly the current laws seduces women & promise them that they will have all they need now and that they won't have to work as hard ever again.

* The average Woman already being so overwhelm because of the extensive Domestic Violence lies/ propaganda and her world falling apart is even less logical due to her distraught emotional state falls for every single lie thinking that she is getting the better deal. She believes this as she thinks she has the whole legal system on her side plus the police station at her disposal. This false sense of security ensures that she is so easily manipulated to seek divorce, and then to seek any other type of legal action against the man who truly loved her. Sadly since they will own half of any man's property however most will sooner or later get kicked out of their home through foreclosure etc when they cannot pay the mortgage/rent + bills on a measly 20% of a man's salary!

** People don’t see what is truly is going on unless directly involved/caught in the process because this is designed using CIA style PsyOps tactics coupled with misinformation, misdirection/subversion, and indoctrination to the females so that they will want to seek a divorce and the Army/military does not get link to it. People are caught up in their daily lives thus no time to expose this. Heard "adding fuel to the fire? How would you know that someone added more fuel? Have to be very observant & use holistic thinking. Go to any court/ stay long enough/ listen to what judges are really doing!

Holistic 1: if at a party there is a bowl of RED FRUIT punch, would most notice that someone also poured water (diluted it) or Red Paint/food coloring.

travelernomad 46M
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1/24/2006 3:39 am

Okay, with some of what you said. but I blame the church for starting women as second citizens, lesser being than the male. And for interfering with ruling governments to bend to their needs and demands. Even now, government officials are always playing the church card to get votes to limit women rights on what the can do to their own bodies. Womens got the right to vote, but can't seem to stop the government from telling them, "its not your right to have abortion with your body, we control it"

rm_xchatn 41M

2/7/2006 9:35 am

Very strong points backed by basis in fact. I, however am agnostic and don't believe in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc..... Religion is a tool used to control people, nothing more. I think blindly worshipping (with no real evidence to back any of the religions) unseen, untouchable all powerful supreme beings because a book written thousands of years ago advises us to is pretty much tantamount to a mental disease. The fact is human beings behave the majority of the time as generally frightened, selfish , greedy, egomaniacal creatures. The ego in humans can't take the fact that when we die it's over? Why is that? Because in this part of the evolutionary phase we're at the top of the food chain? SO were the dinosaurs at one time. I guess in conclusion what i"m trying to say is the Koran, Bible, Talmud, etc...... are basically very well written fictional books that have been mistaken for fact. And, thanks to man's editing and rewriting of these books over thousands of years we have "abstinence" as the best option in our schools for avoiding teen pregnancy. We have women being beheaded for going out in public without a male relative escort. We've got the Jewish peoples' exclusionary and sense of entitlement existence b/c they are "the chosen" (whatever that means). Just some things to poner.

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