Ah Once upon a time  

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Ah Once upon a time

First ok all, if you have something negative to say I will accepted it if it is in the form of criticism. If you just can't because you believe I am making it all up then I would say your comments are really not needed as you are thinking the way YOU HAVE BEEN conditioned to think and there is probably over 260 million like you (98% of the US population). If you are among the exception (endowed with GOD's gifts to see beyond) please don't hesistate to leave me a note, I would love to see what you have to contribute! As a side note what is stated has already been confirmed by many individuals.

As has been confirmed by many, I am a somewhat slender, attractive, and very intelligent young girl and will not go much more into any details beyond that. I don’t know about this internet dating thing and about me coming here for I didn't have much success the first time. Still I figure I would give this one more chance. If anyone is even considering about writing to me, they better have done their homework and paid attention to everything I write here including special clues I left behind to make sure that you people (especially men) KNOW HOW TO READ! First there are the usual NO-NOs, smoking, not taking care of your body, showing lack of consideration, Pro NWO (666). People who have both eyes WIDE open and look but still CAN'T see. Same go for their ears! PLEASE DON'T WRITE ME! I AM DIRECTING THIS AT SOME OF YOU WHO ESPECIALLY DON'T NEED TO WRITE ME (waste both your time and mine) and then trying to send me repeated message a few days or a week later. ...... What would most be thinking right about now? Maybe something like “Isn’t she full of herself? Yes I am! THX1984 Bravehost

I was born in California to German father and a Hispanic mother and I am proud of my roots. German-Jewish ancestors left Europe prior| during the Holocaust!

Gee, my goal as with GOD's work it is never-ending. If I could, I would love to expose the way the Government (a certain faction within), the military (following the Government's agenda), society (especially secret ones) have deceived mankind for thousand of years. The real shame is how people have given so much of their allegiance| power (Ex. the Patriot Act) to these entities which in turn have made life even more miserable for them! When will they wake up?

Very interested in every aspect of sex: Biogenesis| ProCreation| SEX skillful use of the tongue| Linguistics| Languages.. English, Spanish, some French, Italian, Arabic. Also a bit of Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hebrew, Egyptian Hieroglyphs. You could say I have a demotic, hieratic, & diachronically interest in languages. Now I am starting to learn Latin. Is it true that the devil hates Latin? I wonder if this is because most of his techniques have already been exposed in Latin and people who know how to read it are better able to avoid his deceptive ways.

Mentally: Watch stimulating dystopian movies like THX 1138, Total Recall, Blade Runner, Stargate, and the Matrix series; and read books like "1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm, the Time Machine, and of course Nostradamus and Revelations." Sometimes I wonder if other people see what I see and then made these movies or wrote these books as a form of REVELATIONS to try to get the masses to wake up? ...... Physically: Does plenty of sex count?

With a Very sexy partner, by sexy it will be of course the eyes, their smile, a very nice sensual body, a very exotic erotic word or two in my ears, and of course a gentle unexpected touch or even a soft kiss. For any really smart (Anti NWO| 666) man out there, I will be waiting for your letter, please com.e (THX1984 bravehost)

OK first the philosophical view: similar to me in a few ways so that we could share commonalities and establish a foundation, and of course opposite to me (opposites attract right?) in most ways so we could spend most of other live together pondering and enjoying the mysteries that attracted us toward each other. ...Basically just be yourself, But Especially understand where you fit in this world and where in between the Laws of the Higher Being (God) and the evil laws of men (i.e. mankind which includes women as well) which have been used from the birth of time to wage wars against fellows human beings and also to oppress them within their own community!

If I could change the world what would I do? Maybe find a partner and then maybe together we can educate every person in the world! Where would I start? How about all the injustices against every men, women, and child on this planet! For example take that since the current laws are passed NATION-wide so many male| family organizations abound from men frustrated at the injustices they have encountered when dealing with divorce, child custody, visitation, alimony, child support, lawyers, judges, and -of course- ex-wives.

Would you believe that I once worked as an admin for a think tank that used the esoteric principles of Maslow's, Pavlov, Freud, Machiavelli, Tun Zu, and others including Josef Mengele's criminal psychological war experiments as the foundation| building blocks to create was is normally referred to as Problem-Reaction-Solution type schemes (i.e. also normally known as "Controlled Chaos"). Of course it’s all very subtle just like occult and mysticism stuff. Think of these current PRS (Problem-Reaction-Solution... i.e. create chaos-> wait for the mass outcry -> come to their rescue) and as this is nothing more than a form of 21st Century Mysticism bordering| using some same old esoteric knowledge! In the old days this was called hidden| forbidden knowledge and also occult (from the Spanish word oculto meaning more like the word occlude than "witchcraft" which is the newer definition of occult!

Hmm would this count? Not all but a significant part of our Government is just one big corrupt old decrepit Machiavellian cluster f@*K! Think about it... what can a 99 year old congress man really do for this country? And aren't they the ones that makes the laws? Have you figured it out by now that they are the ones creating "controlled chaos" i.e. PRS schemes. Think that even from the very beginning of time whether it was in Biblical times, Egyptian, Middle Ages, Pre-American Colonialism, etc there has always been some form of mysticism, occult, terror, hidden laws, etc to ensure some form of oppression. Not much has changed in the last 7,000 years as Evil governments continue to use the same old tools. However, now these tools are being more effectively disguised in different ways and more perverse! These tools are, as have always been, Terror| Fear, Psychology| Lies, and "Law" i.e. man-made laws which have to be changed every so many years and become more constrictive so it can continue to oppress a greater majority of God's children..... The time of REVELATIONS is here and "their evil ways" are currently being revealed... Open your eyes!

Hmm I would think God and his wisdom to allow me to carry out his work. Especially when just so many fall into the category: Everyday that your eyes are wide open, always looking yet you still do not see and| or both your ears are attentive too while people speak to you, though you hear everything but sill do not listen? If so "Understanding" is then surely out of your reach!

Wrote a term paper exposing the Domestic Violence lies and all the other injustices| frustrations that the American males have had to encountered over the last 45 years and which is responsible for all the pain and sorrow that EVERY MAN deals with when going through divorce, child custody, visitation, alimony, child support, lawyers, judges, and of course their ex-wives. (I would be glad to advice and| or get your input on this) It basically goes like this and I titled it Mengele psychological torture tactics: Mengele101 :-

Case 1: Movie Jaws is Pavlov style anchoring of a Killer Shark to water; then repeated scene of sun bathers at the beach subliminally anchored the deep water habit of sharks to the beach. The consequences are that many people associate the beach with killer sharks and voila the beaches are empty. Sadly most people hardly give it enough though that sharks of that size would hardly come that close to the shallow waters of the sandy beaches. Additional consequences is hysteria and thus people retaliate by going after sharks, sharks get mad and maybe then fight back (and then really do start to eat people! LO ...........

Case 2: Subliminally anchor violence to men; Also add as much redundancy as possible by then anchoring violence to the home. Since husbands and| or boyfriends naturally live in the home, violence in therefore again subliminally anchored to men again! Women panic after any verbal argument and call police which then kick husband out of their homes and keep them away from their psychologically unstable and paranoid wife who is left taking care of the children. When husband is concern about his children he is hit with stalking charges! Since most Policemen are “conditioned” to believe (sometimes also called brainwashing in some books) that DOMESTIC VIOLENCE really exist they also then complicate things by alienating fathers from their children and trying to make them the scapegoats. The policemen are also told to refer wives to women shelters where they are assisted with divorce proceedings. Plus ironically policemen are so clueless that the same or maybe a very similar| modified scheme is also used against them, why else do you think they also have such a high divorce rate! ...............Ah but only if women were smart enough to give their allegiance to their partners| husbands as they have been informed| warned in the BIBLE and not to the government and its corrupt laws! And also if men were smart enough to use their other head and| or maybe write to their congressman (though I doubt that this will help considering that this scheme is needed to divorce soldiers before they are shipped off to Iraq); Why? to save money that would normally be entitled to spouses!

========== WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT =======

Educate every person in the world as I don't want ANYBODY else to have to go through what I went through! Because of that and since the current laws are passed NATION-wide so many male| family organizations abound from men frustrated at the injustices they have encountered when dealing with divorce, child custody, visitation, alimony, child support, lawyers, judges, and -of course- ex-wives. Hope that this extremely short list will help many others who have been, might still be going through, or might still be affected in the future by this 45+ year evil. Most importantly that it will help usher and result in the MOST PEACEFUL resolution:

((1)) The subtle development and implementation the frustration-aggression and domestic violence Forced Divorce schemes passed at the national level by unscrupulous men to conceal the true source of the conspiracy which has been responsible for turning millions of spouses against each, destroying families, followed by years of short-term and long-term psychological damage for every member of the family!

((2)) REPEAT the Short-term and long-term many times irreversible psychological damage and other mental health| psychological trauma issues for every member of the family but especially women (1 of 5 NIH statistics) and the permanent lasting scars of very highly impressionable young children which can have 3rd generational impacts when it affects their adult life and thus cycles down to their children as well!

(3)) Issue of deliberate Entrapment by Fort Hood federal officers to fabricate false allegation. This too was done under false pretext of Federal Trespassing and Harassing Communication (stalking) against my own spouse| child while I was trying to figure out what was going on with them.

((4)) The individual and cumulative combined used of many different military and federal entities, personnel, tools, and "weapons" especially those develop for war that were used against the whole military family unit (especially civilian spouse and most importantly against the children) while knowing of the drastic emotionally, physical, financial, and psychological consequences!

((5)) Endangering the emotionally, physical, financial, and psychological well-fair of both wives and children! This including ignoring my multiple requests to the Family Advocacy| social workers department who were more interested in psychologically persuasive| manipulative lies to force a divorce!

((6 )) Conspiring with civilian authorities (such as Barbara Weaver and Dan Corbin law offices, just to name a few) to facilitate| expedite the divorce process in an effort to avoid spouses from understand| putting the pieces together and thus exposing scheme.

((7)) The financial ruin of so many Army families from as far back as 1961 which has manifested itself outside almost every Army| military base as the proliferation of so many pawn shops from spouses trying to survive economic uncertainty!

((8 )) The life-long effect this scheme has on families and especially the military veterans| males that have had to beg at so many major street intersections for meager handouts after financial collapse and the other tactics employed to discredit| prevent them from exposing these evils!

((9)) Plus the countless homeless military veterans on the streets who figured out part of this information before from as far back as 1962 and thus they were left to hang (broken financially, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes also physically) plus to serve as reminders to others what will happen to them if they try to go public!

((10)) This scheme is also the evil which is responsible for the deaths of the four wives within seven weeks at Fort Bragg (countless others over the 45 year period!)

((11)) Many more other higher level schemes not even related to this incident which I dare not even mention!

The scheme is-was so subtle and widespread that it is used in most major police, fire & rescue, and any other departments where males are at a high death risk. THX1984.bravehost. c~m

=-------- December 25 ----------------------

Current tactic also being used. I just cut and paste from my reply to them.


There is much more going on here than the obvious. To be straightforward with you there are very DARK forces at work here. But what pertains to you and what you all are going through is another one of the divorce tactics which is current being use to divorce so many military families. I am not sure if your boyfriend is telling you this over the phone or over internet/email.

There is the possibility that his email account (especially if he is using an AKO Army account) is be used without his knowledge to get you to think that he does not love you and even encourage you to cheat. This is in turn being done by the military to then get pictures or any other kind of evidence of you with another man etc. They want some form of evidence so that the military can use it to make him also hate you for betraying him and thus both of you will want to divorce each other.

If you want to know what other tactics they use please visit /censored/.

All I ask is that you inform as many other women/men out there. You can cut and past or whatever you like, but please don’t flood my email.

I am trying to undo so much evil but I am only one person. Because of this, I ask you that you please take 10 minutes of your time and paste my message in as many boards as you can!

To the NWO: Please tell them that their tactics wont work because over 100,000 Americans have already read what I wrote and they are spreading the news. It is just a matter of time before most Americans wake up, and then I will personnally escort your master back to HELL!

Merry Xmas

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12/23/2005 3:02 pm

Certainly one of the more interesting new blogs I've come across.

I have a couple of thoughts on it.

For one, you mention God's laws vs. man's laws. Is there a difference? How do you really know what God's laws are? After all, the Bible, which supposedly contains all of God's laws was written by man. It has also been changed by man as the years passed to suit man's objectives. Who's to say that that Higher Being (God) even cares what man does? The Bible could just as easily be an elaborate work of fiction, and God may simply be a being who has no interest in man whatsoever.

People are sheep, and will follow those who lead. This will never change. Education is the best way to prevent sheep from following poor leaders, but in the end, they will still follow save a few rare individuals. It does not require tactics or psychological tricks because people want to follow, it's easier. None of those things work on those who do not want to follow.

Also, as to Case #1, it's a movie, designed for entertainment. That is all. Movies frequently get facts wrong in order to tell their story. And, ironically, the movie barely got made because the mechanical shark they built for it rarely cooperated.

I do, however, agree that females always get the benefit of the doubt, where as men are immediately guilty of whatever charge people see fit to level upon them. A woman does not even need to prove she has been assaulted or , and a man's reputation and correspondingly, life, will be destroyed.

BUT, Divorce is no evil either. If a man is violent and is harming his family, then removing him from the situation is the correct solution. And, it seems silly that the government would intentionally manipulate women into getting divorces because the benefit to the government would be so unfathomably small it would not be worth the time or effort.

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12/24/2005 5:32 am

Well a cursory glance at your post indicates you believe in God/ christian values and that you have a lot on your mind
I will have to give your thoughts time to be digested and should I have more to say, I will get back to you.
As the prior postee has indicated, a discussion of God is necessary as well as 'good' and 'evil'. Perhaps you will have more to say on that note?
Being similarly inclined to believe in conspiracy(ies), I certainly am entertained at what you are throwing out there, yet a lot of it seems to be a reach. That's coming from someone willing to believe in just about any conspiracy theory as long as it makes sense and is somewhat provable
You will have to expand on each one rather than blurting out a dozen, methinks.
Is there any chance that your father and mother were divorced/ separated and you as a result were not allowed access to him or vice versa? You seem to hint a this with your passion.
Hmmn, Happy Holidays, may your Christmas be merry and the New Year Happier than it has ever been.
Nice to see passion and intellect, just try to make some time for other things should you want to enjoy your youth more

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