Adaptation of work  

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Adaptation of work

A funny thing, how a soldier has always been in such high demand in this world. Particularly those with experience, but with more then enough youthful ignorance and delusions of grandeur to ensure that they would do whatever they were ordered to do. And yet, with nearly every faction, guild, and nation calling for more strong arms nearly every day, I see so many young men like myself stumbling about in taverns and lying with amongst the filth with swine because they have nowhere else to go.

In fact, I was on of them. Recently discharged from employ for misconduct unbecoming of a soldier, I found myself staring at despair straight in it's gaping maw. My only escape for the time was hidden somewhere in a mug of ale. I did quite a bit of searching, yet never could discover it.

Of course, whether or not that army brat deserved a blow to his jaw did not matter. Being the general's nephew permitted a certain bit of leeway and freedom to do whatever the hell one wanted to do. I was lucky that I was so well liked by my superiors and fellow men and women that I was not executed on the spot.

That changed though one day. Nearly out of money and facing the prospect of not having a warm and dry place to spend the lonely nights anymore, I heard through word of mouth that a detachment of soldiers from a rather powerful organization of merchants were now recruiting. When I arrived I could see from looking into their eyes that morale was low and that they were in bad need of fresh faces. They were ragged, and poorly equipped for being soldiers of such a well known organization. I suppose it was due to fact that they had little interest in a small township such as Ictoria, despite it being the capital of the province.

They had no general, not even a colonel. In fact the highest ranking officer still alive was a young captain, a woman, like many of the other "soldiers" that were under her command. People who seemed they had seen one year of fighting too many or those who looked so utterly inept that they were laughable. Walking through the outpost I saw that the place was in sore need of repair, and that even the uniforms were somewhat ragged and soiled.

Speaking with the captain did not put my mind at ease at all either. She seemed kind enough, but was obviously in over her head. I learned that she was newly transferred, and that upon her arrival many left. I could not tell which event prompted the other, but already this young woman seemed weary and stressed. It did not take long for her to offer me a uniform and even less time for me to accept.

It would be a challenge working in such situations, but I needed coin, and more importantly, I liked the captain. I was resolved to stay as long as I could and do what I was able to improve the situation. From what I understand we have many duties to do, and bandits attack our little outpost nearly every day. Apparently, it was because that we were the sole defenders of a rather large amount of goods. Indeed, looking into the enormous storage cellers I easily counted up a small fortune in food, water, and other dry goods.

I must end my entry here, for in naught but 2 hours I must go to the battlements. The bandits often make their attacks at the hours when the sun is the hottest and when the eyes are heaviest. I do not mind heat, but I have always had a bit of trouble with keeping alert at odd hours of the day, and unfortunately, the hottest part of the day has long since passed.

May God protect me and guide my blade and bow.


^_^ yeah, this is based on what I do for a living at the moment.

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8/31/2006 1:40 am

I like this one...well done...*smiles*

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9/1/2006 8:51 pm

One more is finished right now. A third is in the works.

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