Wood at 6am  

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9/1/2005 9:29 pm

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Wood at 6am

Yep. At 6am this morning, I was carrying twelve feet of wood from my car and into the woodshop lab. Got up early so that I could get it to the shop before I had to run to class that morning.

I'm one tired woman.

Went to sculpture and tried not to strangle the ditz who I was assigned group work with. Her idea of sculpture is "gosh, lets just start nailing things together". No sketches, no planning, just powering through without a thought to the final outcome. Maddening. I hate doing collective art.

Went to woodshop and made a 12x12x12 inch block of wood from my board. Word of warning - wood glue does not come off of clothes it seems. My brown shirt will never be the same.

Hopped over to the ceramics lab and loaded my gas kiln. I'm firing a big gas kiln Alone for the very first time. Me and a metal box that gets hotter than the inside of a volcano. Scary. Then I worked on my "ZoomZooms" (TM).

Throwing class started at 1:40, and I trimmed and slipped my 6 large bowls. Got some nice slip work with some leaf cutouts I made. I'm really looking forward to the results of the firing for these.

On the way home some teenage punk hit my car. It was definately a low point in my day.

Tonight i'm working. Tomorrow I'm working. Tomorrow night I go work the kiln from 7pm to 3am.

Saturday I hope I get to sleep in.

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