School has started! YAY!  

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8/23/2005 7:21 pm

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School has started! YAY!

Yesterday was my first day of this semester. I had two classes: glaze chemistry and math. Glaze chemistry is going to be hard, but bearable. I've had this teacher before (I call her Umbridge because she reminds me of the woman in the Harry Potter books). Math is going to be quite difficult, even as a "liberal arts math" course. My first assignment is to write down 20 "math experiences" I had as a child. Since all my life I wanted to forget the fact that I had to deal wtih math classes, this has turned out to be a challenging assignment.

I had 3 more classes today. 6:30 am is a horrible time to be dragging one's sorry butt out of bed, especially since there was no sugar for my tea, so no caffiene for me this morning. Last night I had one of those horrible piercing headaches..and I was totally confused because I thought they were connected to soy..and I didn't think I had eaten any..until I remembered that I had 1 piece of soybacon. Damn. I've been avoiding soy for a while now.

First class was sculpture. It was pretty short but seemed interesting. We are going to be working first with silione molds, then later plaster, clay, wood, and anything we can dig out of the trash. (really) That is about all I caught from the lecture - I really was struggling to stay awake.

She let us out early, so I did my math homework while waiting for the Wood class. That math is going to kill me. The very first homework assignment and I'm not even sure I got all of them right.

Woodshop was a whole different world. It smelled good...the teacher (a grad student) seemed extremely competent and laid back. He had some damn sexy arms too..I could not stop looking at them. Muscular arms with strong hands. Yum! Thank goodness I find his face rather ugly or I might end up with another silly crush. Our first assignment is going to be a 'band saw box". I've seen those at the county fairs and art festivals before and truthfully found them a little dorky, so I'm going to have to think more about mine and see what I can do to un-dork the design a little.

After wood was the Throwing class. I was quite amused when the grad-student teacher said that our first assignment is 10 bowls and 10 cups. She then looked at me and teased me, saying "I know you have been throwing cups this summer, so only cups made in this class count". Heh. I can throw 10 cups in about 2 hours. She gave us 2 weeks, so I'm going to have a room ful of cups again. These ones I'm going to make bigger..maybe I can have even better cups!

I picked up some clay on the way home. 4 bags (80 lbs total) should keep me in clay for about 3 weeks since I'll be throwing a lot.

Tonight: work

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